The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

If you are a man, you should have a look at the following words. And if you are a woman, you should also ought to have a look, because these can reduce the men’s mortality, which are almost have relationship with you.

The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

1 intercepted heart disease:

Eat a steak, and especially eat sirloin of beef sirloin steak. The beef is rich in selenium and vitamin B, and the former can be compression, and the later can clear the homocysteine in the blood which is the culprit artery vessel wall damage. The 50% of the fat contains in steak is the single heart healthy unsaturated fatty acid. So, eating more good quality steak can reduce the risk of 29%.

2 take care of your liver:

Drink less beer. If you drink a liter and a half of beer every day in the past ten years, you must have a disease ridden by the liver. After a summer critical drink, your liver will need 12 months to repair itself. If you can reduce your drink, you can reduce the risk of 85%.

Eat some vegetables can reduce the risk of 36%.. Your liver would like you to eat some avocado and asparagus, which are rich in glutathione, and this kind amino acid is required for hepatic metabolism of toxins and chemicals, which is the major antioxidant in human body, and also a essential substance to promote liver regeneration.

The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

3 avoid the lung cancer:

As Brazilian can reduce the risk of 48%. We mean their nuts but not their hair. Nuts are rich in selenium, which is the cancer killer. So how much to eat can have a superhuman lung? The answer is only need three one day.

No more smoking. The truth is that the 80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.

4 avoid suicide

The Canadian researchers found that the divorce men suicide rate is two times than the singles. Focus your attention on the positive things, and in any case, all difficulties will disappear at last. If you are still single, immediately put on your favorite sexy clothes, go out for hunting your another part.

The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

5 Defense of prostate

More sex can reduce the risk of 34%. According to the Australian scientist’s research, at least masturbation five times a week can reduce more than 1/3 risk of prostate cancer. Carcinogen in prostate can be washed out by the ejaculation. Therefore, keep an appreciated sex frequency can help your prostate health.

Drink some red Wine can reduce the risk of 50%. Drink four to eight glasses of red Wine every week can make the prostate cancer risk reduced by half. The red grape skin is rich in resveratrol, which can inhibit cancer cell growth.

Enjoy the sun light can reduce the risk of 50%. 15 minutes of sun light a day can reduce risk by half. The sun can help the skin to produce vitamin D, which can inhibit the synthesis of disease substance in blood. Of course, don’t forget to apply sunscreen when under the sun.

6 clean your kidneys

Moist can reduce the risk of 80%. According to the UK Kidney Research, if you drink at least two liters of water every day, you kidney disease risk will reduce by 80%.

Add some honey in your breakfast bread, then you can get as many energy as the dedicated sports drinks, but the cost will be much lower.

According to the relevant institutions in Arabia United Arab Emirates, honey can prevent heart disease, also can reduced the blood sugar by 6% to prevent kidney from the main killer of diabetes.

The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

7 avoid the accident.

Thin can reduce the risk of 40%. According to the Insurance Institute for highway safety, if your body is fat, the distance will be little between the steering wheel and you body, so it will be high chances of injury. Lose your body fat to be under BMI data, and the ideal BMI index is about 20.

Forget the fist can reduce the risk of 58%. USA study found that men under the age of 25 have three times higher death rate than women, because they are more interested in participating in competitive sports to display their energy.

Stay away from alcohol can reduce the risk of 120%. Almost 40% of the driving accident with death man who alcohol content in his blood reaches 0.08% or more, which is equal to two glasses of white wine.

To prevent the wrestling. The Royal Society for the prevention of accidents found that, in the past five years, the number of damage increased from 2900 to 12300 due to slipping on the floor and polishing the floor, inceasing 400 percentage points.

The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

8 take care of your colon

Olive oil spilled in the tomatoes and mozzarella salad, then Crispy Bread immersion or directly adds some cooked batter, and then sprinkle chopped red chilli and parmesan cheese, a strong healthy intestinal meal is complete.

Walking can reduce the risk of 28%. According to the research from American human nutrition research center, for a certain period of aerobic exercise every day, especially the jogging, can prevent food stay in the body long time. The lunch food in the colon time is short, so it into some harmful substance and the chances of cancer cells will be less.

9 refused to stroke

The researchers in Finland found that men drink half a liter of Orange Juice can reduce the damage of blood pressure, cholesterol and the artery, the reason is the orange juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. In addition, spinach contains large amounts of folic acid, which can reduce your stroke risk by 1/3.

One day walking 30 to 60 minutes 5 days every week, can reduce the risk of stroke by half.

The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

10 satisfy your lungs

Swedish researchers found that movement in the cold air can increase your risk of bronchitis by 25%, and the risk of asthma improved three times. In order to reduce the exercise in the cold environment pressure, firstly do warm-up exercise indoor, then go out wearing a scarf to cover the mouth, which can help you to warm the cold air.

Leave the room can reduce the risk of 26%. Greek scientists found, at least three times a week, about thirty minutes by cigarette smoke winding people are more likely to develop lung cancer. Go around looking for some no smoking pub or Coffee museum.

Vitamin E can reduce the risk of 16%. The researchers of American discover, the vitamin E from plant seeds rather than most of the nutritional supplement can prevent lung disease development.

The following ten kinds men are naturally with long lifetime

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