The following six necessary foods good for your health

The winter is coming, which is the golden period and the most convenient method of dietary regimen for your body health. But the vast majority of people do not quite understand the winter health physical issue. This article will introduce some common great food which are great for your body health, such as black beans, milk and other food.

The following six necessary foods good for your health

One, black beans

Black bean contains the highest protein content among all kinds of beans, and it is twice more than pork. It contains fat is mainly monounsaturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including essential fatty acids the body needs to account up to 50%, and it also contain phospholipids, daidzein, biotin, so there is no risk to cause high blood lipids when eat black beans, but it actually has cholesterol lowering effect. Black beans for the crowd: the general population can eat.

Two, black fungus

The black fungus contains rich trace elements vitamin B1, B2, carotene, mannose, xylose, pentose, lecithin, cephalin, calcium, iron, so it can prevent blood clots, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, dry stool role.

The suitable crowd: the general population can eat.

This food is more suitable for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, stones consumption, people, especially suitable for iron deficiency of miners, metallurgical workers, textile workers, barbers eating. And the people with hemorrhagic diseases, diarrhea should not eat or eat less, furthermore the pregnant women should not eat.

The following six necessary foods good for your health

Three, soybean

The nutritional components of soybean protein are relatively complete, and the protein can be called “complete protein”, containing higher lysine, which can supply the shortage of grain lysine in ammonia acid. It can be treated as vegetable, and also it can be used as main food

Soybean for the crowd: the general population can eat.

1 soybean is an ideal food for menopausal women, diabetes and cardiovascular disease patients; and it is also a good choice for the mental workers and the weight loss friends;

2 there will be much gas generated during the soybean digestion and absorption process, so it will cause bulging belly. With the above reason, it is not recommended to the people who have the dyspepsia, chronic gastrointestinal diseases;

3 it should forbidden for the patients with severe liver disease, kidney disease, gout, peptic ulcer, low iodine should fast.

Four, mushrooms

Mushroom contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, 50 kinds of enzymes and free amino acid, choline, adenine, ergosterol and lentinan, which can inhibit cholesterol synthesis in vivo, promote the decomposition and discharge of cholesterol, prevent the effect of elevated blood lipids.

Mushrooms (fresh) for the crowd: the general population can eat.

1 anemia, resistance lower person, high cholesterol patients, hypertension, arteriosclerosis patients, patients with diabetes, cancer patients, nephritis patients it recommended to eat some mushroom;

2 the itchy skin disease patients is not allowed to eat mushrooms.

The following six necessary foods good for your health

Five, Perch

Perch contains rich and easy to digest protein, fat, vitamin B2, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, selenium and other nutrition. In winter, Perch meat is sweet, white as snow, delicate, so it is the best time.

Perch for the crowd: the general population can eat.

1 suitable for anemia in pregnant women, edema, fetal movement disturbed person;

2 sore skin diseases were not allowed to eat.

Six, milk

Milk is one of the best sources of nutrients, containing 9 kinds of human essential amino acids. The main carbohydrate in milk is lactose, which is conducive to the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria, which can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Milk for the crowd: the general population can eat.

1 skim milk is better for the elderly people who are with high blood pressure; high calcium milk is suitable for medium and severe calcium deficiency people, such as children, the elderly, irritability, insomnia and high work pressure of women;

2 iron deficiency anemia, lactose acid deficiency, cholecystitis and pancreatitis patients not suitable for drinking;

The following six necessary foods good for your health

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