The following seven daily things will destroy male erection

brunette-in-black-dress-full-hdIf a man is suffering with erectile dysfunction problem, don’t blame to the low sexual desire, because many daily life things will impact man’s erection. Recently, the United States “women’s health” magazine published an article specially, an inventory of the influence of some common things in the daily life.

Wearing a condom.

Scientific research shows that some men are a good erection before wearing condoms, but suddenly be soft penis when plan to wear a condom, so that they will immediately become weak. The researchers said that wearing a condom will let the stimulus interrupt, let a man think of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and other negative things, also worry about the condom. If men have this problem, wife should to help her husband to wear a condom, while enhancing the stimulation, wearing condoms as a kind of taste.

Private affected.

A recent study published in the “Journal of sexual medicine” on the discovery, if the lack of sense of privacy, due to concerns about being heard or a glimpse, so it may be distraction, then the men are more prone to erectile problems. Therefore, we must ensure that the sex place privacy, not because of interference and distraction.

Too much pressure.

Concerns about the promotion, to determine whether or not lock the door, these anxieties will stifle the sexual desire. Doctor Natan Bachama said that excessive anxiety will trigger the sympathetic nerve, make a man difficult to maintain lasting erection. If this happens, plenty of rest will greatly alleviate for this bad situation.

Look at porn too much.

Dr. Brandi Engler said, many people love watching porn entertainment as the foreplay, for a long time will produce “porn” effect, namely man addicted to this porn more than the real sex.

Weak pelvic floor muscles.

A study presented in the European Society of urology on display, male pelvic floor muscle strength weak influence erectile. A man who insists on pelvic muscle exercise for 12 weeks, can enhance sexual stamina.

Unhealthy habits.

Another study published in the “Journal of sexual medicine” on that smoking affect sexual arousal. Mount Sinai School of Medicine director of male reproductive medicine and surgery doctor Natan Bachama said, excessive drinking, malnutrition, lack of exercise can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The stimulus is too strong.

The Mayo Clinic estimates that 3 men in 1 will sometimes appear premature ejaculation, usually one or two minutes to climax ejaculation called premature ejaculation. A new study published in the “Journal of sexual medicine” on said, premature ejaculation to sexual life, even marriage constitute an obstacle. If premature ejaculation is not caused by disease, can use desensitization cream or condoms, reduce the stimulation intensity, and achieve delay effect.

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