The following four foods are good for women

The women’s face are dark yellow, be in the blues, tired spirit, all these may caused by blood deficiency. So if you want to become beautiful and spirit, you need to improve your blood quality. What is the best way to do this? Try the following kinds of foods.

The following four foods are good for women

1, Dry mulberry

The dry mulberry contains the most rich natural iron fruits products, each 100 grams containing 42.5mg iron, which is very important to your blood quality. The general recommendation is to drink some mulberries porridge, the daily consumption of a bowl of mulberry porridge can not only enrich the blood, can also be beauty, but pregnant women is not allowed to use this.

In addition, dried mulberries can nourish the liver and kidney, have effects on improving sleep and enhancing human immunity, anti-aging, reduce blood fat, and prevent cancer. Mulberry powder is rich in protein, many kinds of human body essential amino acids, trace elements, fructose, vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals, selenium and carotenoids, cellulose, which is easy to be absorbed in the human body.

2, Purple raisins

The purple grape is a good tonic fruit. Each 100 grams of purple raisins contain 9.1 mg iron. And the grapes in the drying process remains the grape skins at maximize level which nutritional content is much higher than the flesh, and also conducive to the retention of some stability nutrients, such as iron, zinc, manganese, protein, antioxidant etc..

The following four foods are good for women

3, Dry black jujube

The most recommended jujube are black date and honey type, each containing 3.7 ~3.9 mg iron out of 100 grams, so it can be seen as one of the best blood beneficial food. The jujube also contains rich vitamin C, which is the important factor to promote the absorption of iron to increase with two times level.

4, Longan meat

Longan meat 100 grams each content is about 3.9 milligrams iron in fresh, which is higher compared with other foods. But Longan belongs to warm food, so it is not recommended for pregnant women or children.

Eat longan can improve cardiovascular circulation, stable state of mind, relieve stress and tension. The longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, protein and a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which is a good nourishing tonic effect.

The following four foods are good for women

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