The following 7 men have good performance in bed

When you are attracted by a man, have you ever been secretly whisper in my heart that his performance in the bed will be good? In fact, it isn’t hard to figure out, if you find the following hints.

He dressed well

We are not saying that you will not be able to go to bed with him if he didn’t wear Armani. Compared with the dress careless guys, the man who pays attention on wearing is more likely to be a polite lover. In addition, if he can pay attention to the collocation of trousers and a jacket, he would also well groomed his nail. But beware of excessive pursuit of dressed people. If a man will repeatedly check his appearance in front of the mirror, I’m afraid he’s more like indulge in self-delusion, but will not share happiness with you.

The following 7 men have good performance in bed

He stared at you

When he talked with you, he will look at your eyes, and he will carefully listen when you are saying. He is not a look around in the restaurant, but focus on you. A man who cannot use eye contact may not be a good lover. Those who can find the small scars on your little finger can put you in to the goddess in bed.

He has a good sense of humor

No one likes a man who will treat life and yourself too serious. As we know, sometimes the sex issue will be very embarrassed, but the best lover is who can still make a good smile at that moment. When the waiter spilled red wine on his iron free jacket, he has no rage but happy, that means he has quite a sense of humor.

The following 7 men have good performance in bed

He said with a gesture

If a man dancing, two palms mutual extrusion, or put a finger to her lips, just explain they have no binding with sensitive touch. You can expect them to have a good performance in bed.

He loves to smile

These people have a sense of humor, and more than that. His smile should spread to his eyes, and he should not be afraid of opening mouth when smile.

He is very generous

The man who is chary is not likely to make you satisfied. Let’s compromise: a man who don’t mind spending money, but not a waste.

He can dance

Not necessarily as well as Rich Martin jump. In fact, he only needs to have a good sense of rhythm, has the desire to swing his body, which indicates that he is fond of adventure. A man who doesn’t care about their image, and like fun, represents his sexuality.

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