The following 5 kinds of food can be good nature aphrodisiac


Papaya is rich in vitamin A, and contains high arginine. The normal aphrodisiac product also contain this ingredient, which can improve the penis blood supply.


Spinach contains folic acid, which is very beneficial to body health. Spinach is also rich in magnesium, which is very helpful of expansion of blood vessels near the vulva. Other green vegetables, such as cabbage, also contains rich folic acid, also have a similar effect.

Zinc rich foods

Zinc can highly promote testosterone production, and make the sperm more active, so eat zinc rich foods is very conducive to cure erectile problems. Whole grains, beef, lamb, cheese, yogurt, salmon, chicken, peanuts and milk are good food supplement.


Research shows that garlic can make small amounts of hydrogen sulfide released including the penile artery vascular relaxation. And garlic contains allicin, can promote blood flow to the penis.


Pepper can make sufficient blood vessels for the genital area.

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