The five major periods for men affair

Man is not born will want to affair. In some special cases, men can’t fasten the chest that unsettled the heart, and in the following five period especially serious.

One, the wife is pregnant

In this moment, there will be more men to have affair. When the wife is in pregnant, it is not only not good time for sexual issue, but also will be harmful to wife body, as well not conducive to future generations. So at this moment, while the woman is responsible of pregnant, but also cannot ignore the man. Give him a little more tenderness, sweeter, and more considerate, it is very worthwhile.

The five major periods for men affair

Two, two people in different places

This situation is easy to explain. In general, the best sexual life is about 3 times a week of the normal couple, while the remote separation is far from providing this condition. Both men and women are easily tempted in this moment, so the affair issue is highly possible.

Three, the husband and wife quarrel without compromise

In this time, the men is most because the spur of the moment, because the inner suppressed. Therefore, the couple do not quarrel is not possible, but should not be so critical.

The five major periods for men affair

Four, too much work at night

The probability of men affair at night is much higher than during the day. This is not without reason. During the day time, because it is very easy to exposure. But the night is different, the dark act more boldly.

Five, career setbacks, but cannot get wife encourage

Yes, man is very strong, but man is always a man, not a stone. Men can also be frustrated, will be weak, and will cry. Career is the base of a man on the present, once frustrated, the pressure is unprecedented, it is easy to escape the situation cannot go backwards.

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