The eight most hated men image by women

1, large pores acne, shiny light face, looks dirty

Many girls said: I hate men face shiny, looks dirty. If coupled with large pores acne will be more repugnant. Washing your face in the morning will only takes a few minutes, are you so busy or get up too late?

Countermeasures: choose a oil controlling cleansing products, and get up several minutes easily to wash your face clearly. After cleaning must apply oil moisturizing toner and emulsion, it will achieve the moisturizing and hydrating. The use of a good product for long-term, your skin problems will be gradually improved.

The eight most hated men image by women

2, hair oil

Greasy hair sticks into a plume, clinging with some dandruff, so it is really disgusting. Even if you didn’t love take a shower, you should wash your hair clean.

Countermeasures: hair is an important window, if the hair is greasy, it will indicated that you are dirty guy. If you are born of oil hair, you need to wash your hair every day. Moreover, wash your hair during the face washing time, it will not takes your long time.

The eight most hated men image by women

3, products make hair shiny

Girls said: I feel very deliberately looked, and often this type of man is actually had no taste.

Countermeasures: this people are on the contrary of the above one, as this people too particular about something. In fact, clean hair will be much more comfortable.

4, decadent beard

Girls said: tangible beard will bring good feeling, but a decadent beard will only let others feel bad.

Countermeasures: otherwise often tick your beard, or let it grow into good-looking shape.

The eight most hated men image by women

5, dark skin color

Girls said: the young face skin looks baggy and dull luster. It will indicate that there are problems of health.

Countermeasures: if not because of work reasons, then give up your video game time. Don’t waste your time in the video game when it is time for your sleep. In addition to good sleep, food is also very important. Eat more high protein food that is low in fat and high fiber fruits and vegetables, to improve the metabolism, and finally you will be much better.

6, dry wrinkled face

Girls said: 20 years old young man would actually have dry wrinkled face, and this is terrible.

Countermeasures: with the originally dry skin, why not do some protection? The nice looking face skin will makes your looks more comfortable and acceptable by girls.

The eight most hated men image by women

7, the too long vibrissa

Girls said: some men look good in far distance, but close can make people greatly impressed. The thick vibrissa was exposed out of the nostril, feeling very uncomfortable.

Countermeasures: prepare a small scissors to cut the long vibrissa.

8, full of smoke teeth

Girls said: it will be very ugly when the teeth discolored. So why don’t you brush your teeth?

Countermeasures: tooth discoloration can go to dental consultation to allow doctors to give you a reasonable plan on your teeth whitening.


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