The eight "Awkward Incidence” on the wedding night

Exciting as a volcanic eruption and intoxicating like wine and manna, which is the exaggeration and exaggeration of literary and artistic works, and these have made many young people idealize the sexual love of their sex in the wedding night. A survey of Hongkong "Ming Pao" recently announced, in the wedding night sex, is turn on the lights or turn off the lights, put off music or not, take off socks or not, and such little things will affect the sex harmonious relations, even fail you wedding night sex.

Embarrassed one, cannot go to bed only because of wet hair

You may not believe this, but it is true. The man will not go to bed only due to his hair is still wet. The wife is sitting in bed lonely. He may not be motivated by perfectionism, but it’s just a small habit of life. The passion for one night and eternal engagement is totally different, that is, you can see the real side of your partner’s life. At this time, you are providing hair dry service but not some complain, then your man will give back with a great sex.

Embarrassed two, refused to take off clothes under the light

The eight "Awkward Incidence” on the wedding night Shyness or habit? It is highly recommended not to dig the deeper root cause. The key point is that he or she is not used to taking off clothes in front of you. This is the first night of the wedding, so there is long time for both of you to discover the body secret. If your partner request to turn off the lights, it will be easier for you to set up a romantic bed for the wedding night with your cooperation.

Embarrassing three, you found his favorite in adult stories

He discovered a porn jokes or stories which would like to share with you from long time ago, just would think that he had a bad habit before the marriage. Starting a new journey from the wedding night is a wonderful beginning.

Embarrassed four, in fact your partner does not like romance

Men and women have been intoxicated by the romantic mood and plot before wedding. Some romantic programs especially designed for the newly married night, whether made in China or made in USA, have encountering BUG with an alternative reaction during the process. For example, the candle is decorated with fantastic wedding room, and the next image is the new couples are putting out a fire cause by the candle on the clothes.

Embarrassing five, the first sexual intercourse extremely painful

The eight "Awkward Incidence” on the wedding night From the psychological point of view, the pain is related to couples tense or anxious, or one of them has bad experience, so he or she is afraid of sex, or the other side is too conservative to relax. In the physical aspects, because of lack of sex knowledge, or ignore the importance of foreplay, will cause pain. The best way to solve this problem is to relax and forward step by step.

Embarrassment six, just stopped after just started

For a new couple, the man first sexual intercourse is often too excited and nervous, so the premature ejaculation will be quite common situation. In physiology, it may be caused by diabetes, prostate or urinary tract infections. The best way to solve this problem is to have second sexual intercourse that night after recovery, and it’s easier to control the time.

Embarrassment seven, hardness is not enough

During the new wedding period, due to mental stress, sexual psychological depression (such as travel marriage with poor living conditions, etc.), or sudden interference from outside things, excessive fatigue and so on, may bring this problem. This problem may also occur if men suffer from diabetes, urinary system disease, or surgical sequelae. After excluding the physiological factors, get a certain sexual knowledge and a full sexual psychology, after a period of adjustment and rest, this short erection dysfunction will relieve itself.

Embarrassment eight, he more like "that" position

About the sexual intercourse posture, the best way to avoid the embarrassment is communication. During the wedding night, in order to make your partner more comfortable, misunderstanding the hints or fixed position is his or her favorite position. Unfortunately, your partner is controlled by the same way. So both of you misunderstand the favorite position.

Finally, open your minder during your new life travel.

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