The dry lemon contain no VC anymore

A lot of people like to drink water with some dry lemon in the rest time, because it has a lemon fresh taste. In the dry lemon water, does it contain the rich Vitamin C like the fresh lemon ?

Fresh lemon vitamin C content can reach 22mg/100g, and lemon is the earliest human found rich in vitamin C fruit, when lemon saved the lives of tens of thousands of sailors, let them avoid died of scurvy due to a lack of vitamin C.

However, we are not discussing the fresh lemon today, but after the air dried lemon. The dried lemon is still as rich in vitamin C as fresh lemons do?

The dry lemon contain no VC anymore

Vitamin C is a high activity of antioxidants, so the light and heat will cause damage, so in the process of dehydration, high temperature and freezing will cause extremely serious damage on the lemon vitamin C. In addition, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, in a water environment is easy to exist, when the loss of water after its exposure to oxygen, it will be accelerated oxidation damage.

So, we can see that the lemon dry both after the dehydration treatment, and longtime exposure in the air, so the content of vitamin C can be said to be almost 0. So with lemon dry soaked, which the sour taste is derived from lemon acid, and there is no anymore vitamin C.

Tip: if you use fresh lemon slices soaked in water, which is a good choice. But it is worth noting that the water used for brewing must be warm water, because the high temperature of the boiling water will also be the poor vitamin C destruction.

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