The disadvantage of holding the ejaculation

Now the way of life has a great progress, sexual life as a normal physiological needs, and in order to avoid pregnancy, many men in the process of sexual life will be hold do not ejaculate. So control the ejaculation may avoid pregnancy, but also will cause great harm to your body. Let us come together to look into the disadvantages of holding ejaculate.

1 Prostatitis can induce an aseptic prostatitis. After the normal sexual intercourse ejaculation, penis erectile soon subsided. Within a few minutes of the penis blood reduce 50% ~ 60%, with 10 to 20 minutes, organ blood flow status will be back to normal. If sexual intercourse is interrupted, the recovery rate of the sexual organs of the blood is greatly slowed down, the slow organ will be in a long-term congestive state.

2 this can cause frequent spermatorrhea. In the process of sexual intercourse, with sexual impulse occurs, the accessory gland secretion semen volume surge. If the interruption of sexual intercourse, the sperm had no place to go and must be excreted through the seminal emission, is easy to produce sperm and cause frequent seminal emission, which is detrimental to health.

The disadvantage of holding the ejaculation

3. it can also possible cause hematic semen which with the similar principle of the sexual organs congestion subsides slower. Similarly, seminal vesicle and abiding hyperaemia, seminal vesicle wall of capillary will expansion of rupture, which will cause hematic semen.

4 it can cause impotent. Coital halfway interrupt, regardless of the cerebral cortex of the central, various activities control nerve and the personality of each organ are still in a state of excitement, not soon relaxed, virtually increased the nervous system and sex organs burden, resulting in a "fatigue" phenomenon.

The disadvantage of holding the ejaculation

5 it can induce abnormal ejaculation. Interrupted by sexual intercourse is strongly inhibited do not ejaculation, if often this, will lead to ejaculation disorder. People appear ejaculation time delay, or even not ejaculation.

Above is the listed harm of holding not ejaculation, so the male friend must pay enough attention, especially the young male, holding not ejaculation can cause prostatitis, impotent disease. Long term hold does not ejaculation, and even affect the future of pregnancy, the impact of their subsequent marriage life.

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