The dental disease could lead to impotence problem?

men-and-dental-careDental disease and male erectile dysfunction (ED) seems to have no relevance. However, according to the British “Daily Mail” reported on March 27th 2017, a new Turkey study found that men with severe dental disease, the risk of erectile dysfunction will be doubled.

Turkey Inonu University researchers have compression study on erectile dysfunction in a group of men and a group of normal male subjects. The results showed that in the male patients with erectile dysfunction, 53% people had severe dental disease; contrast group of healthy men, severe dental disease incidence rate was only 23%.

The researchers pointed out that when the dental disease occurs, the bacteria can easily get into the blood system through the gingival bleeding point, damage blood vessels and arteries, leading to hardening of the arteries narrowed, thereby affecting the normal blood supply of all organs including male penis, male erectile function damage.

In this regard, the British Dental Health Foundation Dr. Nigel Carter pointed out that the oral health of men are closely related, and the men should pay special attention to oral health, pay attention to dental symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, gum swelling or atrophy and tartar, dental calculus, if there are problems timely medical treatment, so as not to affect the life of husband and wife.

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