The common delicious food but not expensive in Hongkong

Eat in Hongkong, especially at various Restaurant, there is a kind of good feeling. Carefully think about it, it is about the popularity. Hong Kong people love to eat and also know how to eat, coupled with the special geographical location miscellaneous historical background. Today we introduced Hong Kong ten civilians cuisine for your travel reference.

Pineapple bun

The pineapple bun is one of the most common bread in Hongkong, and almost every bakery in Hongkong has a sale. It is from Hong Kong a sweet bread, which is said to be because pineapple buns golden surface after baked, then the crackling concavo convex shaped like a pineapple and hence the name. But in fact it is not the pineapple ingredients, nor bread stuffing.

The common delicious food but not expensive in Hongkong

Egg Tart

Egg tart is the product to Hong Kong by the British colonial culture influence, which has become Hong Kong bakeries necessary for snacks. From the 1960s to 1980s, the most tea restaurant run bread and cakes, and also Egg Tart is popular snacks in Tea Restaurant. Since the 1990s, run packet cake tea restaurant gradually reduced, so only in the old tea restaurant have their own baked egg tart and other tea restaurant is from bread factory order egg tart sale.

Fish balls

Street Ji fish eggs is the product of the fifty or sixty’s.. According to the apple daily, Hong Kong people daily eat 55 metric tons, about 375 million fish balls is their favorite snacks first, it serves to show the fish balls position. Basically, the streets fish balls are all from the wholesale goods, so the taste is similar, so the game will depend on curry sauce.

Wonton noodle

Wonton noodle is an integral part of the food culture of Hongkong. The general character taste of Hong Kong Style wonton, has to pay special attention to shrimp flavor, but a bowl of excellent wonton noodle, in addition to pay attention to the taste of the wonton, taste, shape, color and luster, noodles and soup cannot be taken lightly must mix properly. Noodles to have eggs, smooth and elastic teeth, but also to the bright color. Soup is also very important, with chicken, pig and earth stewed fish, must be clarified through Che, delicious smell before the taste and colour of the highlight wontons and noodles.


Fifty ‘s eggs have emerged, when the vendors are using charcoal stove, holding two heavy pig iron, with egg paste burned. In recent years, eggs have been transferred to the oil and gas stove, iron clip is also light.

French toast

Fifty years back in time, it is a noble thing to eat French toast. The French toast spread to Hong Kong has two versions, one is coffee instead of paste filling, dipped in egg mixture, fried with butter food. The other one is no stuffing toast, fried eggs with butter condensed milk to eat the same heel.

Fried white radish patty

Fried white radish patty is the most common snack in Hongkong restaurant. Radish cake wrapped in XO sauce, fry for a while, crisp outside, tender, and radish scent mixed with shrimp, pork meat flavor, which is memorable. People often will order one or two dishes Fried white radish Patty while eating.

Sirloin noodles

Sirloin noodles is a popular neighborhood delicacy of Hongkong. The top sirloin called “collapse of sand belly”.

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