The common behavior of male and female damage sex ability

People of the same age may have totally different sex life state. Someone was just thirty or forty years old, and rarely feel sexual pleasure; but someone has been nearly seventy years, and is still active sex life. In fact, this has big relations with aging degree of sexual function. Some careless behavior of modern people, is likely to cause damage to the sex function, even make people prematurely senile in sex. If you want to make the prosperous sexual function, you must try to avoid the following nociceptive function behavior.

The common behavior of male and female damage sex ability

The common behavior of male sexual function damage:

High frequency sexual life when young

Sex is a “heavy manual work” which brings easy fatigue to the male after sexual activity, so it needs proper rest and recovery. If the frequency is too high, the continuous sexual life may extended male refractory period, induced ejaculation time retardation, sexual life without pleasure etc. problem.

Sex outside of marriage

Researchers at the Harvard University School of public health found, one night stands, extramarital affair sex, the male will increase the psychological pressure, which makes the heart rate and blood pressure increased, and it will more prone to premature ejaculation problems.

The common behavior of male and female damage sex ability

Smoking and drinking

The alcohol will slow down the generation rate of the male hormone, and chronic alcoholism may also occur to lack of nutrition, and then to cause gonadal hormone disorders, clinically manifested as loss of libido etc.. And the toxin in smoke will inhibit sexual function, induced erectile dysfunction.

Long term living in the noise environment.

British reproductive health experts through the survey found that if the men long-term living in noise 70 to 80 decibels environment, the sexual function will tend to weaken. If it up to 90 dB above, it will cause functional disorders. Even the higher noise can lead to ejaculation.

Sit on the sofa for long time will bring serious harm to the male scrotum, make scrotum compression, block the flow of blood, let the male erectile ability is influenced by.

The common behavior of female sexual function damage

The female cannot get sexual satisfaction for long-term. When the female in the generation of excitement pelvic, external genital organs will be a large number of congestion. If not satisfied, physiological response will be interrupted, pelvic and genital congestion is not promptly subsided, appear then back pain, decreased immunity and other problems, even lead to premature sexual organs.

The common behavior of male and female damage sex ability

The probability of menstruation is about 2 times for the women who often stay up late, and furthermore the dysmenorrhea, Frigidity are also more. The chaos rest will lead to endocrine disorders, affecting the secretion of hormones in the body, causing the effects on libido.

Ovarian disease. Ovary is the woman health switch, so the ovarian disease or ahead of aging will lead to sexual function decreased. In addition to disease, premature ovarian failure are also closed to repeated abortion, improper diet, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

Excessive weight loss. Lose weight too quickly can interfere with hormone balance, resulting in decreased sexual desire, even disaster and fertility.

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