The cancer signal of some food

You know that not only people may get cancer, food in vivo may also produce cancer cells. This food will not only lose their nutritional value, after eating will increase the risk of cancer. In this article, pop healthy living network will teach you to identify the food of the “cancer” signal.

Become yellow brown color- common food: Flapjack Braised pork in brown sauce, etc.

Interpretation: foods containing carbohydrates and amino acids after more than 120 DEG C high temperature cooking, the color will tune to yellow brown, while the release of the attractive aroma, this reaction called the Maillard reaction. For example, Roasted Duck Braised pork in brown sauce and baked bread, fried food, Flapjack…… All kinds of cooking after color processing becomes deep brown, almost all promote the Maillard reaction. Internationally recognized carcinogen acrylamide is a product of this reaction, in general, the more severe the color of food after heating, the more rich flavor, the higher the acrylamide content. Therefore, steamed bread, bread slices not baked into the too yellow, try to eat grilled, fried, puffed potato products, such as potato chips and so on.

The cancer signal of some food

With rancid tastes- common food: edible oil, nuts etc.

Interpretation: under the influence of UV light, oxygen and water, edible oils, nuts and other foods in the fat oxidation will occur, generation of small molecular aldehydes, ketones and threatens the health of the material, also produced a shares and bitter hemp, pungent and unpleasant taste, commonly known as “rancid taste”. Eat a rancid flavor food may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, digestive system symptoms, long-term consumption may also induce cancer. Prone to such deterioration of food and snacks, fried food, etc.. Deep fried foods and oily foods are best preserved in low temperature, and avoid long storage time. Edible oil should be put into a closed container, place in a cool, cool place, and new oil and old oil as far as possible not to mix together, because the oxidation of oil will be contagious.

With ammonia smell – common foods: Bacon, dried shrimps, etc.

Interpretation: no dry shrimp, because the protein content is high, especially easy to breed bacteria. In the process of storage, the protein through the role of microorganisms, the first peptide and amino acids, and then break down into a lower amine and ammonia, resulting in ammonia smell of food. Low amine not only has a certain toxicity, but also very easy and water products in a small amount of nitrite combined to form a strong carcinogen. These substances are important chemical factors in the pathogenesis of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. Prone to such bad food and salted fish, bacon, squid, scallops, fish etc.. Foods such as dried small shrimps, dried shrimps smell to get rid of, even after washing, cannot eat at ease. This kind of food should be sealed and put in the fridge, and not for a long time.

The cancer signal of some food

Zoom – common food: fish, barbecue etc.

Interpretation: fish, meat and other protein rich foods to heat more than 200 degrees Celsius will produce carcinogens – heterocyclic amines. Heterocyclic amine compounds have a strong carcinogenic and mutagenic effect. Generally speaking, the higher the heating temperature and the longer the time, the less the water content of the food, the more heterocyclic amines are produced. Especially the zoom of fish, meat food, not only contains a large number of heterocyclic amines, and benzopyrene, acrylamide and other carcinogens. When dining out, eat barbecue, fish and other food. Try to avoid fried and toasted and cooking in the family, for cooking, oven baked and boiling water to replace. If you must eat smoked and fried food, green vegetables and beans, collocation should eat whole grains.

Moldy bitter – common food: peanuts, melon seeds etc.

Interpretation: by fungal contamination of food in a warm, moist environment often moldy, produce toxins, such as aflatoxin, it is as a category 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency designated, in the nature of all the substances toxic ranked first. The love of Aspergillus flavus growth in nuts and oil seeds, especially in peanuts and other nuts. In addition, easy to mold the food as well as corn, rice, barley, wheat and other food. When found peanuts, melon seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, etc. the kernel decreased slightly yellow or black, with a bitter taste, wrinkled skin discoloration and grain on the surface with yellow green fungus or damaged, shrinkage, color should be discarded. Storage of nuts and food must be ventilated to prevent mold growth.

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