The bigger is better of men penis?

The bigger is better of men penis? If a man’s penis size is a little shorter than most people, they will usually have some concerns in the heart.

What is the penis erection size for the China Taiwan male? Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital urologist found that the situation is not like as people normally thinking for about 10 years. Even thought, there was a man operated a penis surgery due to its too large, and his penis length is about 18cm, and reduced to 11cm length after this surgery. Obviously, the penis is too long will also bring untold difficulties, otherwise, why this man will get this surgery?

Of course, some people will worried that his penis size is too large that the female cannot afford after marriage. In fact, it does not have to be. Because a woman’s vagina has great flexibility, it can the full-term fetus expulsion from the vagina, penis even if large, nor may be greater than the fetus. So, the woman is able to withstand and adapt on all the penis size.

In the age is around 20 years, the man has the highest sexual impulse and sexual desire, this is the best time of life. He mentioned that his penis will gradually erection after lie on the bed and continued for ten minutes. I think this is not a bad thing, but a good thing. Why a penis erection can be ten minutes?

The penis is male major external genital organs for sexual behavior and discharge urine and semen. Contains erectile tissue and common pathway of urination and ejaculation.

However, the man who has a large penis should pay attention to sexual intercourse in the wedding night for the first time, the action cannot be rude, so as not to tear the hymen. In addition, insertion of the penis into the vagina is not too deep, because the vaginal length is about 12cm, if brutal action, can also cause vaginal laceration.

However, the man who has a large penis cannot be so easy, because the penis is too large may some signal of a disease. For example, the hypothalamus or pituitary tumor, or brain injury, viral encephalitis and other reasons, the excessive secretion of gonadotropin; again, testicular lesions, the excessive secretion of testosterone, these factors will make the penis growth too much. Therefore, the man whose penis is too large, should be alert to the disease.

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