The best shower sequence introduction

What is the most health shower sequence?

The correct sequence should be: face washing, body washing and then hair washing.

Why should wash your face in the first? Because when you go the shower, hot water will produce steaming vapors, and face pore will expand, so if you do not wash the face first, face accumulated dirty things will sneak into your pores when the gate is open. In the course of time, your pores will be taken by more and more of these dirty things, occupying the territory that does not belong to them, your face acne will risk more.

The best shower sequence introduction

In addition, do not think that sleep at night will not be attack by dust, so the number of washing face a day should be: get up in the morning, before lunch resting, before shower at night time, totally three times. You should need to warm water to wash your face, because if the long-term use of high temperature water, will lead to skin aging faster, so as to keep skin youthful please be sure to wash your face with warm water.

You can increase the water temperature for shower after face washing, so it can effectively promote the metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, expansion of pores to discharge the body will dirty thorough sweat. When people discharge one kilogram of sweat, it can take 540 calories as well. Let yourself in 40 degrees hot water shower for about 10 minutes, you can consume 200 calories! In a relaxing bath happily lose weight.

But the time should be controlled in 20 minutes, and to ensure good ventilation. Take a shower, close your eyes, and try to relax. After shower, skin and mood can be fully decompression.

The best shower sequence introduction

The hair moisture in a dense vapor, the best time to shampoo had come.

Hair in the water to fully wet and then after shampoo, knead hair for a while on the top, wash clear with water is sure to rinse clean totally, then wipe evenly ointment or conditioner, massage gently for 3 to 5 minutes, then wash clean. Finally, shower body thoroughly.

The best shower sequence introduction

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