The benefits of sex love for women you don’t know

Feel richer

America National Bureau of economic Institute survey research discover that a married person with regular life, so his happiness is just similar as earn more $100,000.

Increase resistance

The researchers analyzed 111 volunteers whose age is about 16~23 year old, and found that one or two times sex behaviors a week can make the number of in vivo A type immune globulin increased by 30%, thereby increasing the resistance, help prevent colds and flu.

The benefits of sex love for women you don’t know

A good mood

Semen contains nutrients of zinc, calcium, protein, which will have great advantage to the female body. Moreover, a study has found that, women who do not use condoms in sexual love, have more cheerful mood, not easy to depression. But the researchers also stressed that these results apply only to the faithful companion.

Sleep well

After the climax, the body will secrete a hormone called oxytocin, which can make people feel warm and intoxicating. Sex will also promote the release of endorphins, which is a natural sedative to let a person feel relaxed, more easily enter the dreamland. The influence of two kinds of chemical substances is more obvious on the male.

The benefits of sex love for women you don’t know

Looks young

Sex can make women look 12 years younger. In this study, subjects male need to observe and to evaluate the other side of the female from the mirror. Those who were evaluated as “very young” women have the average of 4 times sex a week. It’s no coincidence, because earlier studies have found that sex can promote the secretion of estrogen, which can make the skin more smooth, more shining hair.

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