The average value of penis length and girth for your reference

The average value of penis length and girth for your reference Most men don’t have a clear idea of whether their penis is big or small. As a matter of fact, most men think they are below the average level. Here, Pop Healthy Living network will show you something about average secrets.

Each man is unique because of his personal characteristics, including the size of his penis. Some people are thin and long, some are big and short, and others are lucky which is long and thick according to some women’s opinions. But, if your situation is different from these descriptions, which one should you belong to? In fact, what men most want to know is what level of their own compared with the average.

Look at yourself in the bathroom mirror for a few minutes to see how long it is. Don’t compare yourself with others in the changing room. It’s no use unless that you take a ruler to measure the length, girth, and angle of erection. After the measurements are completed, you can compare the results with the averages from a recent study:

  1. The length of the erection, the maximum length of the penis reaches when it is sexually excited. The average length from the root to the top is 5.8 inches (about 14.7 centimeters).
  2. The maximum girth, the circumference of the root of the penis after fully erection. It is 5 inches (about 12.7 centimeters), or 1.6 inches (about 4.1 centimeters) in diameter.
  3. The erect angle, when the erect state, the angle between the back to the wall. It may point straight at your chin at 180 degrees, or it may be straight ahead at 90 degrees, with an average angle of 106.8 degrees.
  4. The length of the fatigued condition. In order not to impact by the room temperature, it should be measured immediately after taking off the clothes. The average length is 3.43 inches (about 8.7 centimeters).

The problem of the penis size is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the world. The saddest thing is that this question is not really a problem at all. The size of the penis is important only because you think it’s important. If a woman likes something bigger, she just likes it. If you think you should be a little bigger, you’re just feeling the same. But usually, size does not affect women’s feelings about your body image.

Many women feel that men care about the size of their penis is too exaggerated. You know, women’s vagina is only 8-13 centimeters long. Most women agree that love and passion are the keys to their enjoyment compared to size.

The longest and the shortest

According to the Kinsey Institute, the longest penis reached 13 inches (about 33 centimeters) when it was erect, and the shortest was 1.75 inches (about 4.45 centimeters).

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