The 6 method to "building" healthy ovaries

Ovarian maintenance for women is a very important topic, which is related to the hormone secretion and egg production. So how to maintain will be the popular question? In this article, it introduces the following six useful ovarian maintenance methods for you. So I think it can help you a lot for your daily life.

The 6 method to "building" healthy ovaries

1, intake much iron during menstruation

A lot of people believe that if there is no PMS it no need to do menstrual maintenance. In fact, menstruation will take away a large number of irons in the body, and iron can provide sufficient nutrients for eggs. Expert suggested eating spinach, animal offal and other High-speed Rail food during menstruation to make eggs healthier.

2, eat more contain folic acid food

Folic acid contains water-soluble vitamins B, so eat this kind of food can greatly reduce the risk of ovarian diseases. Green vegetables, citrus fruits and whole grains are rich in folic acid, so women should eat this kind of food.

3, quit smoking and less alcohol

Smoking and drinking itself affect the health a lot, and if the female smoking and drinking will affect the ovarian health, excessive is likely to lead to endocrine disorders, ovarian atrophy.

The 6 method to "building" healthy ovaries

4, less painkillers

Women at 25-35 years old, average takes 77 painkillers per person per year, which will make the activity of eggs 7% lower than people without taking painkillers. Painkillers may inhibit brain nerve, if long-term use can "confused" the nerve center, resulting in decreased activity.

5, maintain a good mood

It is easy to get insomnia, endocrine disorders, and decreased immune function under high pressure, to make the acid deposition caused by cancer. In addition, the pressure will also cause mental tension, which will seriously affect the health of ovary. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good mood.

6, make a regular life, and keep away from the computer radiation

It is very important to make a regular life, so it is better not play all night or night working, which is important to guarantee your ovarian health. Computer radiation will affect the quality of ovum, but completely avoid the computer radiation is impossible. Many people think that after changing the LCD screen can be away from the computer radiation, but in fact, the largest local radiation source is the power module.

The 6 method to "building" healthy ovaries

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