The 6 major misunderstanding in the inventory to drink milk

Although each kind of milk on the market are the implementation of the concept of health, but the key to the selection of milk lies in the number of real nutritional content. Consumers in the usual purchase, to avoid the following 6 major misunderstanding.

One, milk is not the more flavor the better

The milk after squeezed out is very light, and there is a hint of frankincense, tastes very refreshing. But many enterprises launched the concept of fragrant, add thickening agent and essence, so the consumers gradually that Shannon is the taste of the milk is the real pure milk.

The 6 major misunderstanding in the inventory to drink milk

Two, high calcium milk is not significant

The milk itself is a kind of high calcium food, not to the significance of adding more calcium. And high calcium milk is mostly adding with calcium carbonate, which the absorption effect in the body is not very ideal. Too much calcium, iron, zinc and other inorganic salts in milk, if not absorbed, but will cause a great burden on the human kidney and digestive system.

Three, drinking milk is not to make up protein

Many high-end milk under the banner of the name of the optimization of protein, milk protein content is actually very low, so drink milk is mainly not to add protein, but in order to supplement the B vitamins and calcium.

Four, the fat is not necessarily lower the better

Each person’s demand for fat is not the same, high blood lipids and people who need to lose weight, as well as pregnant women can choose low-fat or skim milk. But for children and workers in the demand for energy more people, better drink whole milk.

The 6 major misunderstanding in the inventory to drink milk

Five, cereal milk for breakfast

The so-called cereal milk and breakfast milk, which add the majority of starch, no nutritional value, but it can give people a sense of fullness, to maintain the energy of a long time, suitable for breakfast drink.

Six, fruit and vegetable milk nutrition is too small

Fruit and vegetable milk to add fruit grain must be processed at high temperature, the nutritional value will be greatly affected. And it can increase the dietary fiber is very small, far as apart from eating more nutritional value.

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