Ten Singapore durian flavor delicacy

Durian mousse:

Flesh, coconut cream, coconut sugar mix out rich taste, fruit is very rich, with the bottom of the beautiful gel, a refreshing food.

Durian cakes:

The Chinese Mid-autumn moon cake definitely has the durian taste, and it is said that Singapore durian moon cake is very good. Fragrance beautiful leaf as the skin, and inside is fresh durian fruit, preliminary a mouth feel and dense solid, another fragrance stretches.

Ten Singapore durian flavor delicacy

Durian ice cream sandwich:

Put a large piece of durian flavor of ice cream in the slice of bread or biscuits, the fragrant flavor of ice cream full weight and a mouth down, let people fall in love with this feeling.

Durian cake:

Pure durian fruit and milk fusion durian cake, and there is no durian bitter and sweet greasy, only have some just delicious and smooth taste. And there is no artificial butter this cake, intermediate sandwich is also the real durian, let a person can’t stop after the first bite.

Durian puffs:

Durian puffs on the palate is certainly, skin melted and also rich inside. The soft durian meat mud instantly reappear in the oral cavity after bite, so the durian flavor aroma also suddenly flowing in between the lips and teeth, let the person aftertaste.

Durian crisp:

High quality durian crisp will let your feel great even only take some view. Durian flesh softening configuration of stuffing collocation exquisite pastry, rich taste of your experience with different levels of taste.

Ten Singapore durian flavor delicacy

Durian pancake:

Outside looks thin, inside is cool and sweet, and 100% durian material inside, pure taste. Pancake is fragrant crisp.

Durian Egg Tart:

If you don’t try, you will never know the new durian taste and the traditional Egg Tart collocation. Look not too big deviation with the traditional Egg Tart respectively, but a taste of durian paste, sweet but not greasy. If just happened to meet the Egg Tart, crispy skin, let the taste will strive for further improvement.

Durian pudding:

Soft smooth and delicate pudding, also with a Q strength. The smell of durian pudding is not too thick, fusion durian and milk flavor just perfect together, which is the wonderful combination.

Durian sugar:

When open the wrappers, it will have a strong smell of durian, taking as the midday snack will be the most appropriate choice.

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