Ten methods of enhancing male genital function

1, alternating hot and cold water bath

Ten methods of enhancing male genital function This is a very old method of strengthening men’s sexual function exercise. The use of alternating hot and cold water bath, it is better to maintain a certain indoor temperature to prevent get colds. First in the hot water bath after fully warmed up, then use cold water applied to the genitals with about 3 minutes, after the penis and scrotum shrink then back to hot bathtub again. After repeated 3-5 times, it can be finished. If you can do this alternating bath exercise every day, you can increase your energetic and sexual function and relieve fatigue after middle age.

2, Close your eyes and meditate on your beauty

During your hard working leisure time, close your eyes and meditation, think about what? Imagine a beautiful woman or the women who you want to have sex, and you can even imagine the specific details, although this dream is fictional, but it can make the male hormone secretion enhanced, the relevant organs of your body are little exercise, greatly improve the sensitivity.

3, massage the scrotum to strengthen male energy

Often massage scrotum directly by hand, can make testicular blood circulation improved. Because this massage can often supply testicle with fresh blood, of course it can strengthen testicle function and raise male energy. Massage can be done once a day, and 2-3 minutes each time. Gently rub the testicles from the upper part of the scrotum with your fingers. But the time should not be too long, because the too strong stimulation will make testicular function damage. Massage is best done once a day, and it is far more effective to get into the habit once a day than once in a while.

4, eat more seafood and zinc rich foods

Ten methods of enhancing male genital function The seaweed is containing more zinc than other plants and animals. Deficiency or lack of zinc may cause miscarriage, decline in male sexual function, and decreased libido. Therefore, the men should always take some seaweed foods, such as kelp, seaweed, Undaria etc.. Experts point out that male semen contains a higher concentration of zinc, which can guarantee men’s sexual function. In addition, it also helps to improve people’s disease resistance. Men are advised to take micrograms of zinc per person per day, which is directed at men who exercise a lot. In general, men only need to take this dose. However, the amount of zinc must not exceed micrograms per day because excessive use of zinc can affect other minerals in the body. Grams of zinc contained in lean meat. In addition, Turkey, seafood, soy zinc content is also very high, you can eat in moderation.

5, Exercise sexual muscle

The root of the pelvic muscles, known as men’s sexual muscle, in which the coccyx muscle plays a major role. Enhancement of these muscles, can increase the blood supply of the pelvis and penis, which can promote the erection, increased sexual climax pleasure, and can help the patients to control ejaculation, men can also use the interrupt urination way to find their own pubococcygeus. Once these muscles are found, they can be consciously exercised by assuming that they are preventing urination. Generally exercise two times a day, 15 time per time, daily increase the number of contractions, until every day can do 50 times. If you contract the pelvic muscles for 3 seconds before you relax, keep doing this for one months, then you can usually feel it’s helping with sexual intercourse.

6, only wear cotton underwear to keep low temperature

Polyester fiber temporarily have the role of inhibit spermatogenesis. The electrostatic field effect of polyester underpants and underpants can lead to lower progesterone levels in pregnant women and lead to miscarriage. Polyester also produces an electrostatic field in the penile tissue, which may explain why people who wear polyester briefs for long periods of time show signs of sexual dysfunction. So it’s wise to wear only pure cotton underwear.

The characteristics of the testis is the need for low temperature environment, otherwise it will directly affect the formation of sperm in the testis, the reproductive capacity directly adversely affected, this injury is proportional to the temperature and time of high temperature. It is important to keep your testicle temperature below the body temperature. Usually the best air openings cotton underwear, scrotum exposed, breathable cool, restore the natural extension function of scrotum, promote the secretion of the male hormone, also can increase the middle age male sexual function.

7, physical exercise is the best aphrodisiac

Ten methods of enhancing male genital function The women rely on maintenance, and men rely on exercise. In addition, the exercise can feedback a good health body and full energy, but also can increase the oxygen content, increased testosterone secretion, which is the best supplement to the male reproductive system, and this inner strength effect is far outweighs any health care medicine, due to exercise is the best medicine treatment. Exercise at least two times a week, such as playing basketball, running, strength, fitness, etc., after sweating profusely, you will relax mentally and physically, and the quality of sexual life will be greatly enhanced. On this basis, the following methods will be more effective.

8, stimulate the groin tube department to strengthen testicular function

Stimulate the inguinal canal that is located at the root of the penis both sides, also can improve sexual function greatly. The groin is the route through which the blood and nerve is conveyed to the testis. Therefore, it is important to circulate the blood in the inguinal canal. The method of massaging the inguinal canal is to press the two sides of the root of the penis with both fingers, stroking the upper and lower sides, and stimulating the flow of blood to the testis. Massage once a day, and massage yourself on the bed every night before going to bed.

9, continuous combat

Challenge the limit, occasionally continuous sexual intercourse until energy exhausted, and the number of consecutive sexual intercourse can be selected according to individual differences. The challenge is to use the principle of "more used, better perform". When the reproductive system is stimulated and consumed by energy, it will be stronger after a few days of recovery. Continuous sexual intercourse cannot be used frequently. It is best to challenge the limit once every 2-3 weeks and supplement with the following nutrients.

10, the penis pressure method strengthens the sexual ability

Often uses the penis press by finger method to massage the penis, may effectively enhance the sexual ability. The method is to grip the penis repeatedly. Thereby, the activity of the penis, nerves and blood vessels can be enhanced. This is as a man repeatedly rub in the cold or a finger can improve blood circulation, so that the fingers red warming. Repeated manipulation of the penis causes penis erection. You don’t need to pay attention on the penis erection, and can continue massage. If use this as a sexual foreplay, it helps to build a friendly and positive atmosphere.

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