Ten kinds of food to enhance immunity keep flu away

There is a old saying that the food is much better than drug dealing with diseases. In fact, when catch a cold, taking medicine and injection may be not the most effective method. If you get cold in autumn, it is recommended to consider some food way to deal with the body problem. The following ten kind of food effect is better than medicine.

1 light lung soap or porridge

When catch cold, the human gastrointestinal function will be variation, so a light porridge and soup is relatively easy to digest, and the hot soup and porridge can play the role of sweating, but please keep in mind that after sweating, you should pay attention to moisture complement.

2 sweet potatoes

The sweet potatoes can enhance skin resistance. The human skin is the part of body’s immune system, which is the first barrier against bacteria, viruses and other human body external violation. Vitamin A plays an important role in the process of connective tissue of skin. And the best access to supplementary measures of vitamin A is from beta carrot from food, and the sweet potato is the shortest way to get the nutrition, as it is rich in beta carotene, but low in calories.

Ten kinds of food to enhance immunity keep flu away

3 radishes

In radish pigment contained in radish can prevent colds and relieve cold phlegm and other symptoms.

4 garlic

Allicin has anti infection and prevent bacteria functions. The British researchers’ Experimental results show that the consumption of garlic may make a cold incidence decreased 2/3. The people who often chews garlic suffering from colon and stomach disease will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is suggested that every day eat two cloves of garlic, and also add some garlic when cooking a meals.

5 honey

The honey contains many biological active substances, which can stimulate the body’s immune function, so daily morning and evening of two doses, can enhance the body immunity and resist virus.

Ten kinds of food to enhance immunity keep flu away

6 oranges

The oranges fruits contain very rich vitamin C, which can increase blood cells manufacturing antibodies to fight against infection in the body, also increased interferon, preventing the virus invasion of the body.

Most of the content of vitamin C rich foods also contain bioflavonoids, which are important chemicals antioxidant anti inflammation, as well as vitamin C combined together can help enhance immunity.

7 yogurt

Take a bowl containing the “live probiotics” yogurt every day, which can stimulate the immune system against the disease. With the new research findings, the food which contains rich vitamin D only list after the vaccination on the reduction of cold or flu function.

Ten kinds of food to enhance immunity keep flu away

8 almond

The almond contains rich zinc, which can promote the body produce white blood cells to fight infection. The comparative safety of zinc can be obtained from the food, and 15 to 25 grams intake everyday is enough, but eating too much (more than 75 grams) will suppress the immune function.

9 mushrooms

The mushrooms can promote white blood cells fighting infection. For a long time, people has already known the mushrooms as improving the immunity food. Nowadays, researchers have found the reason that mushrooms can promote the production and activity of white blood cells to make them more preventive.

10 green cauliflower leaves

This is the excellent food which can enhance the immunity, full of vitamin A, C and glutathione antioxidant.

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