Ten kinds of food cannot eat for kidney stones people

The formation of Kidney stones have a great relationship with your daily diet, so if you want to alleviate the condition, must pay attention on the daily diet. So what kind of food is not good for kidney stones people to eat? Spicy food, oxalic acid food, high calcium food and so on will cause the disease to increase.

1, spicy food

Patients with kidney stones should be as far as possible in the usual life to ensure that the diet is light, only such a diet to ensure that patients can better prevent the onset of kidney stones. In addition to pay attention to diet, while living in peacetime should also pay attention to try to eat less spicy food, such as pepper, pepper, etc., these foods are not conducive to the patient’s control of the disease. In particular, some spicy, greasy, spicy food, this type of food can be said to be the patient’s taboo.


Many people like to eat a variety of barbecue, fried foods, but experts remind, suffering from kidney stones patients in the usual life should try to avoid eating these foods, so as not to cause seizures and even induce complications.

2, too much meat

Kidney stones patients in the treatment of the disease should also pay attention to eat less meat, such as beef, lamb and other foods, which contains a large number of proteins in food is also not conducive to the health of patients. In addition should also limit the intake of other meat, especially some of the animal organs should pay attention to eat less, so as not to cause the burden of kidney.

In addition to animal offal and like fat, pig, chicken, hairtail, yellow croaker, prawn, cocoa, coffee and other, these foods contain some irritating ingredients equally likely to aggravate the patient’s condition and maybe even cause kidney seeper and uremia.

3, the purine content food

If too much eating foods that contain rich purine at one time, and purine metabolism is arrhythmia, oxalate in the urine deposition and the formation of urinary stones. Such as animal offal, seafood, beans, peanuts, spinach, contain more purine components.

4, beans

Legumes such as beans, soy beans, green beans and black beans contains rich protein, on renal stone formation of great help, and therefore cannot be a large number of edible.

5, oxalic acid food

Kidney stones patients in the usual life should try to eat less food containing oxalic acid, otherwise it will lead to increased kidney burden, also seriously affect the treatment and recovery of kidney stones. In particular, some of the more serious symptoms of patients, containing oxalic acid food should pay attention to avoid eating, in order to effectively control the disease.

Life rich contains a lot of oxalic acid food, such as like spinach, celery, wild rice stem, lettuce and other, these food for patients with kidney stones is undoubtedly soporific charm, and patients in the usual life must be eaten sparingly.

Ten kinds of food cannot eat for kidney stones people

6, high calcium food

The kidney stone patients slightly drinking a dairy products may lead to seizures, and may even floodgates. Therefore, experts advise this part of the patient, in peacetime life should be appropriate to eat less dairy products, it is best not to eat. This is due to a large number of calcium in a variety of dairy products, which is the main cause of the incidence of patients.

Such as milk, shrimp, seaweed, goats ‘milk, these foods are patients must be taboo food. In addition to this, there are a number of high salt food and vitamin D content of food, patients should control the consumption.

7, forbidden fruit

Suffering from kidney stones patients should pay attention to the fruit, and not all of the fruit are suitable for your body, such as some contain oxalic acid fruits cannot eat, such as grapes, dried figs, nuts and. In addition, some acidic fruit cannot be eaten, such as apples, oranges and so on. For some patients with mild symptoms, although this type of fruit can be eaten but must pay attention to the right amount, otherwise it is not conducive to the control of the disease and recovery.

8, high protein food

Kidney stones patients cannot eat high protein food. Proteins in addition to containing oxalic acid feedstock glycine, hydroxyproline and protein can promote the absorption of calcium intestinal function. If you often eat high protein food, so that the kidney and urinary calcium, oxalate, uric acid composition is generally increased. Such as milk, eggs, milk, fish and other foods are rich in protein, avoid by all means to eat.

9, wine

Patients in daily life should also pay attention to as little as possible to drink alcohol, excessive drinking is likely to cause kidney stones. And drinking in a series of interference in the body metabolism, interfere with the increase in the incidence of stones after the degree of acidity. Therefore, alcohol is also one of the food cannot eat kidney stones.

10, sugar

Limited carbohydrate intake. High sugar food intake, can make the opportunity to increase the risk of kidney stones, therefore, to pay attention to eat sweets. Experts found that, regardless of normal people and patients with calculus, after eating 100 grams of sugar, 2 hours to check their urine, found in urine calcium and oxalic acid concentration increased, if taking lactose. It can promote calcium absorption, are more likely to lead to calcium oxalate in vivo accumulation and shaped into urinary calculi. Therefore, patients with kidney stones do not eat too much sugar.

At the same time, patients with kidney stones should also pay attention to avoid a large number of vitamin intake, vitamin content of foods such as celery, tomatoes, and so do not eat more. In addition, patients with kidney stones should also pay great attention to their diet health. More exercise is conducive to the discharge of acidic substances in the body, a great impact on the treatment of kidney stones.

At last, hope you have a good healthy body.

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