Ten big reasons to affect your sexuality

1, genetic factors

Sexual strength may be affected by genetic factors.

2, hormone level

The hormone level is the most important factor. If the body of the hormone is low, both the men and women, the sexuality will be declined.

3, sensory stimulation

With the help of vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and feel, can arouse the excitement of the nerves, so as to arouse sexual desire.

 Ten big reasons to affect your sexuality

4, previous experience and social experience

It is easy to arouse sexual desire for the people who has a pleasant experience and social experience before. On the contrary, it is difficult to arouse sexual desire.

5, the sex recovery time

It takes some time to re evoke another sexual desire after the sexual climax, and the time will be differ from man to man.

6, environmental factors

Such as how much environmental temperature, season, diet, there are no drugs etc..

7, cultural influence

The ethical and legal binding on the people.

8, mental state

Such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, pain, uncomfortable and confused.

 Ten big reasons to affect your sexuality

9, the age factor

Generally speaking, male in 18 – 25 years old has the highest sexual desire, while women are in 35 to 40 years of age. But with the increase of age, reduced male hormone will lead unresponsive skin, poor blood circulation and the pressure of life makes people hyposexuality.

10, health condition

Only the healthy body can maintain the normal sexual desire. Such as suffering from a disease (such as endocrine diseases, diseases of the reproductive organs and other wasting disease), all these will be enough to make sex affected.

In short, to maintain physical and mental health, balance, pleasant, is the basic condition of sexual arousal.

Ten big reasons to affect your sexuality

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