Ten benefit fall food for your body health

People should eat more seasonal food, rather than none seasonal food. This is because most seasonal food more fit to contemporary people’s physical needs. A lot of autumn and winter delicious vegetables and fruit can also help to repair the skin, and help skin renewal from inside the body, and release your skin from the experienced a summer sun, help skin over winter safely.

Ten benefit fall food for your body health

1, Pomegranate

It can make your skin smooth, elastic and ascension. Pomegranate antioxidant ingredients can also reduce acne inflammation, sunburn, and some small fine lines.

2, Beet

Beet is the most tender in October, and its fiber material can make you long time satiety. Beet can stimulate your lymph system, and detoxification of your cells. Beet can brighten your complexion, because it improves the oxygen content in blood cells.

3, Pumpkin

Pumpkin contains rich vitamin A, and rosin oil is derivatives of vitamin A. It can remove the cutin, repairing, pigmentation and smooth skin.

Ten benefit fall food for your body health

4, Plum

Plum is rich in antioxidant content, and also contains a variety of nutrients which can help skin renewal. In addition to be food, you can also mix plum, honey and yogurt into face mask, which can make the skin more flexible, help repair after sun.

5, Purple cabbage

Purple cabbage contains rich vitamin C, which can make the skin more elastic, younger, whether made as salad or fried, often eating is good for skin and body.

6, Chinese yam

Chinese Yam contains a compound called Dioscorea saponin element, which is a natural plant steroids having anti-inflammatory and anti aging effect. In the laboratory testing results, it can promote collagen producing cells.

7, Cranberry

Cranberry has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions. When you enjoy the delicious taste, you can also give skin a plus.

Ten benefit fall food for your body health

8, Carrot

Carrot is rich in beta carotene which can protect our skin to avoid ultraviolet.

9, Apple

Active compounds in Apple have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. There is a very famous words that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so this words says that apple has great benefits of the body, and it is also beneficial for your skin.

10, Pear

Pear plant fiber make sugar more slowly released into the blood. When the blood sugar is too high, it will lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Pear also contains rich vitamin C which can promote collagen production of cells, make skin more compact.

Ten benefit fall food for your body health

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