Teenagers should correctly face the physiological changes during puberty

Teenagers should correctly face the physiological changes during puberty Some young people write letters asking why their pubic hair is scarce. They tend to complain about their troubles. Their pubic hair is scarce, making them feel embarrassed, and even unwilling to go to public baths or swimming pools. During teenagers in the puberty process will appear all sorts of concerns, it is not surprising.

There are many manifestations of the secondary sexual characteristics of human beings, and their occurrence sequence are inevitably different. But some young people have a blind a sense of inferiority, they cannot distinguish the difference between the normal range of variation and pathology, always feel others sexual organs is bigger than his (in fact there is a visual angle factor), thicker beard than his, and more pubic hair than his……. In fact, these worries are often redundant, because the pathological situation is, after all, a minority.

In recently years, the problems reflected in these secondary sexual characteristics are sometimes important indications of the endocrine system or genetic diseases, so they should not be taken lightly. Pubic hair is one of secondary sexual characteristics, and the growth of pubic hair is the result of androgen stimulating the growth of pubic hair receptors.

After puberty, the male pubic hair not only increased gradually, and showed the typical male diamond distribution, and female pubic hair growth is the result of estrogen stimulation, so the distribution characteristics of female pubic hair is flat edge was inverted triangle distribution, which is different with men. The growth of girls’ body hair varies from individual to individual, so it is more physiological, even though pubic hair is scarce or absent. No pubic hair does not necessarily hinder their development.

However, men do not have pubic hair, there may be a problem of inadequate development, especially in more than seventeen years old, if there is no pubic hair development, it is necessary to seriously check out. The key is to check the testis size, penis size, beard, tone etc.. That is, the absence of pubic hair may not be an isolated problem, but rather one of a series of signs. If there are a variety of other abnormal manifestations, it may mean that the endocrine system or chromosome is defective. But if there are no other indications, it is likely that there is a problem with the receptor. When the growth receptors are defective, pubic hair is scarce and soft, while growth receptors lack or are insensitive to androgens, and pubic hair does not grow. It is likely to be accompanied by a lack of gum and other body hair, and may also have a family history. This simple body growth abnormality has no effect on overall health and reproductive health. It is only a physiological variation, so there is no need to worry about it.

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