Teenagers often erectile penis will be harmful?

Teenagers often erectile penis will be harmful? The penis often erection, have certain harm to the young people body. Because of their physiological sexual maturity and personality, psychological immaturity, make oneself in a state of imbalance. Under this situation, they are easily get stimulation with the external factors, such as pornographic books and periodicals, with video discs, cause penis erection.

In the long-term genital congestion, likely to cause prostatitis, also known as prostatorrhea. The main reason is the penis often erection, induced by autonomic nerve dysfunction, cause prostate congestion, increased secretion and tubular dilatation and relaxation, when the pressure increased abdominal or perineal muscle contraction, prostate fluid is easy to overflow from the urethra, which is milky white and sticky. In order to avoid this, we should rationally restrain impulse. Specifically, you can pay attention to the following aspects:

  • 1. The contact with the opposite sex, should be natural, frank and friendly exchanges.
  • 2. Don’t watch pornography videos and DVDs.
  • 3. To participate in some recreational and sports activities, so that the energy gain beneficial release.
  • 4. As for the young inexperienced, they are vulnerable to be affected by others, so there should be cautious when make friends.
  • 5. The underwear should be relaxed, not too tight, to avoid friction on genital stimulation.
  • 6. Clean the genitals every day before bedtime with warm water, especially the penis foreskin over cleaning, avoid dirt stimulated erection.
  • 7. Don’t go to play with the genitals, if 10 ~ 15 days once spermatorrhea, it is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not need to worry too much. For most teens, when subjected to external stimuli and penile erection, the best way is to urinate, after the bladder emptying, the penis will naturally drop down.

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