Taking this food you will be great healthy

Immunity is fundamental for the survival of a person, strong immunity is good for defense, but many problems are due to poor immunity. Therefore, we must pay attention to improve their immunity in life. A lot of ways to improve the immune system, such as exercise, diet, etc.. Compared with exercise therapy, diet therapy is simpler and more direct. Below, we will be able to effectively improve the immune system to talk about the food bar.

Broccoli is what we usually taken green cauliflower, contains rich nutrients including vitamins, minerals, etc.. But the most acclaimed of broccoli is its antitumor effect. Research shows that human serum selenium levels were significantly decreased when they suffer gastric cancer, and the vitamin C concentration in gastric juice was significantly lower than normal people. Broccoli can not only give people added a certain amount of selenium and vitamin C, but also for the rich in carotene, to prevent precancerous cell formation by inhibiting tumor.

Taking this food you will be great healthy

Nutritionists study found that there are a variety of cauliflower indole derivatives, the compounds can lower estrogen levels in the body, which can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. Research shows that broccoli is the most important component of cancer prevention called sulforaphen, this substance has improved carcinogen detoxification enzyme activity, and help repair the cancerous cells into normal cells.

The fungus also has anti-cancer effect, the study found that the fungus contain agaric polysaccharide with anti-tumor function, at the same time, the fungus also contains more iron and soluble dietary fiber, beneficial to intestinal health, enhance immunity, prevention of iron deficiency anemia, can be said to be a black treasure.

The broccoli and black fungus fried or boiled together can be the most great food.

Matters needing attention´╝Ü

When washing broccoli, soak for a long time will make a huge loss of vitamin C in broccoli. The broccoli soak in salt water scrubbing, can help to remove harmful substances such as pesticides on the surface of broccoli. Then using hot water to blanch, which can remove toxic and harmful substances, and can maximize the retention of the nutritional value of broccoli.

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