Take good care of your kidneys with bellow food list

Due to the improvement of the life quality, many people have a bad eating habits, and has brought a serious burden to the kidney. Renal failure is a common occurrence of renal disease. In order to prevent renal failure, we should pay more attention to your daily diet.

1 limit potassium intake

Everyone should know that foods containing potassium in patients with diabetic nephropathy, has a very important effect for recuperation, but renal failure patients, adverse factors is very dangerous, causing great influence to the long illness. In patients with renal failure due to the kidney ability of regulation of potassium metabolism decreased significantly in acute endogenous and exogenous potassium load increased, it is difficult to maintain the balance of potassium metabolism, and it can cause arrhythmia, decreased blood pressure, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest and other serious consequences. Therefore, patients with renal failure, high potassium foods should be inhibited.

Take good care of your kidneys with bellow food list

2 limit phosphorus intake

This kind of food in daily, as far as possible from the patients with renal failure. If patients do not pay attention to this point, the intake of these foods will lead to recurrent disease even worse, for the successful rehabilitation of their formation brings greatly hinder. This is because eating too much phosphorus food can cause disorders of mineral metabolism. Beware of animal offal, chicken soup, pork ribs soup, bean products, nuts (peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, pistachios and others) food. Excessive intake of phosphorus, will lead to secondary hyperparathyroidism, complications of skin itching, renal osteodystrophy etc..

3 limit sodium intake

Kidney disease, high blood pressure development has close relationship with the dietary sodium intake, so usually the doctor would recommend limiting a certain amount of sodium intake. International recommended daily intake of 2000 mg of sodium that is 6 grams of salt, the general normal diet containing about 3 grams of salt, so just add salt containing 3 grams of sodium containing seasoning. In addition to salt, it also need to control the MSG, soy sauce, pickles, sauce and other condiments and high sodium containing foods such as canned food and frozen food, processed meats such as ham, bacon, sausage and so on. Because the limit of sodium will affect the taste of the food, so that patients feel fresh and tasteless and then affect the appetite and nutrition. Use fresh or dried scented dishes and spices instead of salt can increase the delicious food, such as onions, ginger, garlic, vinegar, chili, pepper, aniseed etc..

4 limit fluid intake

The general situation in the early stage of chronic kidney disease do not need to limit liquid intake, if the deterioration of renal function and oliguria, anuria or heart failure should control the water intake (the day before the urine volume of +500 ml), the water here refers to food, fruit, drinks, etc. all infusion entered the body fluid. The amount of sodium intake is accompanied by the water intake, the control of water intake must eat less sodium.

5 limit the intake of stimulate food

Chronic renal failure, renal failure, uremia patients with gastrointestinal mucosa often showed hyperemia, erosion, such as eating chili, liquor and other excitant food, often aggravate gastrointestinal mucosal erosion, leading to bleeding gastric vascular intima.

6 restriction of protein intake

After the decomposition of the protein in vivo, will produce toxic metabolites, so for patients with renal failure, this will further increase the burden on their kidneys. Therefore, the amount of protein intake in patients with renal failure should be determined according to the amount of nitrogen contained in the blood, it is best not to exceed 30 grams per day.

7 high calorie intake

In order to ensure the body’s heat needs, renal failure patients need to eat high calorie foods, mainly from carbohydrates can be obtained, such as rice, bread, etc.. The intake of calories per kilogram of body weight less than 30 calories for reference. If the patient weight is 50 kilograms, you need to eat at least 1500 kcal of heat.

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