The following 5 kinds of food can be good nature aphrodisiac


Papaya is rich in vitamin A, and contains high arginine. The normal aphrodisiac product also contain this ingredient, which can improve the penis blood supply.


Spinach contains folic acid, which is very beneficial to body health. Spinach is also rich in magnesium, which is very helpful of expansion of blood vessels near the vulva. Other green vegetables, such as cabbage, also contains rich folic acid, also have a similar effect.

Zinc rich foods

Zinc can highly promote testosterone production, and make the sperm more active, so eat zinc rich foods is very conducive to cure erectile problems. Whole grains, beef, lamb, cheese, yogurt, salmon, chicken, peanuts and milk are good food supplement.


Research shows that garlic can make small amounts of hydrogen sulfide released including the penile artery vascular relaxation. And garlic contains allicin, can promote blood flow to the penis.


Pepper can make sufficient blood vessels for the genital area.

The woman cannot leave below thing in daily life

Women cannot be separated from what? Of course it’s healthy. The woman will be great painful when often suffer with some disease. And in order to stay away from the disease, with health, women cannot leave what? Some people will say that doctor. Of course, doctors can cure a woman’s disease, which is known to everyone. But in addition to the doctor, the woman in order to prevent disease, in fact, the most cannot be separated is shown as below.

Broccoli: skin care

Broccoli is not only rich in nutritious, taste great, and also named after the famous cancer fighters, especially in effect in the prevention of gastric cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, which can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage, helps to maintain skin elasticity.


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Without calcium, the human body actually immediately withered

As is known to all, calcium is essential to the human body. Strictly speaking, a person without calcium, so far away from the dead. So, we have to pay attention to calcium supplement in life. So, what to do to achieve this goal? Of course, the best way is to eat! Now, please wait and see.

1, spinach

People who like to eat vegetables like supply calcium, don’t miss a small bowl of spinach, due to spinach can supplement daily calcium requirements 25%, in addition, spinach contains the health benefits of cellulose, iron and vitamin A, but note that spinach contains oxalic acid, before cooking need put into boiling water, or trace elements will phytic acid oxalate and calcium, iron and zinc combined to form compounds cannot be absorbed, effects of trace elements of calcium, iron and zinc absorption.

Without calcium, the human body actually immediately withered

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Top list for the most dirty fruit

Oh, my God! The most dirty fruit in the second position is strawberries? What is the top one? What are the other fruits? And what are they supposed to eat to be healthy?

No.10 pepper

67% of the pepper samples contained residues of pesticides that could be detected, even after washing or peeling.

No.9 Cherry Tomatoes

A Cherry Tomatoes samples can detect 13 different pesticides.

No.8 potato

Compared with other grain crops, the weight of pesticide residues in potato was significantly higher.

No.7 sweet pepper

Like grapes, a sweet pepper sample contains 15 kinds of pesticide residues.

Apple, strawberry, grape, celery, peach, spinach, pepper

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Seven delicious food prevent male impotence

1, eat wolfberry to protect kidney and strengthen the vitality

The kidney maintenance is always the compulsory course for men, due to the kidney is the man’s pillar. During the former time, people always think that take the same shape food can do better, but eating more visceral and seafood can reach high cholesterol and often lead to problems such as high blood pressure. For in senile man friend, they couldn’t care less about cholesterol. The food contains high vitamin E, but less in cholesterol are good products for your kidney, and the wolfberry is undoubtedly the first choice. In addition, the black sesame, walnut are also worth to recommend.

Seven delicious food prevent male impotence

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