Forced stimulation on male genitals can lead to sexual dysfunction

Forced stimulation on male genitals can lead to sexual dysfunction In some porn video, the porn star can perform sexual intercourse for long times and many times with many women. OK, this is only the video, which can be edited. Even there is such powerful man, he also cannot do this every day. Because you are not the god, but you are a man who has its physical limitation. In some men’s gatherings, it is often possible to hear how many sexual intercourse times a night can be done to satisfy their vanity.

In fact, this is a great misunderstanding. Americans do a statistic, the shorter duration of the sex life, the poorer the sexual quality will be, and the shorter the refractory period will be. On the contrary, the longer the sex life, the higher the quality, and the refractory period relatively longer will be. This survey summarized data has high deviation with most people is former ideas, why things will be like this?

Fundamentally speaking, sexual life is actually a process of releasing the individual energy. When sexual duration time is shorter, poor quality will be, so the physical energy has not been completely released. So the body would like to release the remaining energy, so, at this time the refractory period is relatively shorter. But in the long time and high quality sexual life, due to the accumulation of energy has been with a satisfactory and complete released, so there will be no physical sexual needs. The most needed at this time is the sexual system rest and recovery. Therefore, the refractory period at this time is relatively long.

The male specific refractory period is a protective program for the system "temporarily closed", in order to facilitate the restoration of sexual system function. In the refractory period, if increasing sexual stimulation is to overload the sexual system. More detrimental to the restoration of sexual system, and for a long time, it is also prone to sexual dysfunction problem.

Do you believe 3 million of men in Britain suffer from sexual dysfunction?

Do you believe 3 million of men in Britain suffer from sexual dysfunction? Philip Larkin, Brattish poet, said, "The British sex began in 1963." A few words tells the British people altitude to sex topic. In fact, Britain’s overly conservative attitude towards sex has been an old story.

In 1949, Britain conducted its first national sex survey, but it was not released until 2005 by the Broadcasting British Corporation. As early as 1949, 25% men and 20% women had extramarital sex, and half of Britons had premarital sex, according to the survey. After the wave of sexual liberation in the 60s of last century, the British became increasingly open to sex. In 2005, a survey conducted by the economic and Social Council of the United Kingdom found that the gender differences in sexual behavior disappeared completely in the 90s of the last century, and both men and women enjoyed the free and equal enjoyment of sexual pleasure.

The openness of sexual attitudes has also greatly improved the quality of sexual intercourse. In 2002, a poll by the British Observer newspaper showed that people’s sexual satisfaction improved significantly over the past ten years. Today, the British have monthly average 8 times sex life, 71% of the people are satisfied, and self-feeling of bad performance accounted for only 5%. At the same time, the respondents think the most important thing in a sex relationship is trust, followed by communication, good sex ranked third. The quality improvement of sexual love has relation with the people who dare to try new methods, sexy underwear, new condoms, massage cream, sex toys, video, sex games and so on, which become the common people’s normal life.

In addition, with the advances in medical technology, men can improve their erection hardness in many ways and make couples more satisfied. At present, the many British suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED). According to the British national health system statistics, approximately 10% of men are suffering with erectile dysfunction, which means a total of 3 million men. This is really bad news for thousands of women who believe there cannot be satisfied sexual pleasure.

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Hot bath before sex may bring you some problem

There are some people believe that men have sex after a hot bath, may cause impotence and other bad sexual function problems, affecting the quality of sex. Is this true? How to have a right bath before in order to clean the penis and body and also does not affect sexual function?

First, why hot bath easily lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction

Hot bath before sex bring you some problem Because the human body has an automatic adjustment function of blood flow controlling that more blood will be flow to the organ with higher load working. After the hot bath, the higher temperature and friction make the blood flow to the skin, and will stay for a certain time. When sexual intercourse under this condition, your penis need “grab” blood from the skin, which will occur on the deployment of contradiction.

As we all know, the erection of the penis is because a lot of blood into the penis and then the penis erects hard. If sexual organs do not get enough blood, it is very easy to cause impotence, erectile dysfunction etc. function, affecting the quality of sex life.

If this situation happen for long time, that the skin and the penis are always grab more blood, so the blood circulation is always in the state of imbalance, not only affect sexual function, may also make the heart and brain relatively insufficient blood supply, prone to dizziness, palpitation, fatigue and fainting, so it is highly not recommend couples have sexual intercourse after bath immediately.

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Is sex every day harmful to the body health?

For the young couples, sexual desire is the most exuberant period, so the number of sexual life will be more frequent, basically every day will happen. Although sex can make the relationship become more intimate, the benefits are also very much, but it is inevitable that there will be a number of adverse effects. What kind of harm does that have to do with it?

1, sexual organs "overwork". Because of the impulse of continuous and repeated, both men and women will be aggravated the burden of the central nervous system and sex organs, but will cause sexual function recession, resulting in sexual function premature aging.

Is sex every day harmful to the body health?

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Sexual life is not harmonious will be harmful to the body?

Although there is a lot of progress in people’s mind, but to mention the sex life is not everyone can speak up. In fact, the appropriate sex life is the spice of our life, because it appears not only increase the fun, but also mediate the feelings between husband and wife. But not all couples have a harmonious sexual life, then the disharmony of the sexual life will bring what harm to the body?

1, the emergence of sexual dysfunction

Sexual disharmony will not only affect the sexual life of both men and women, but also affect the pleasure of the relationship between husband and wife. And serious when one spouse or both parties can lead to sexual dysfunction, and even the emergence of a crisis of marriage. Long-term harmonious sexual life will also bring harm to the male so that they suffer from impotence, premature ejaculation and chronic prostate disease, will bring them psychological injury, hurt their self-esteem, self-confidence and for lovers of the trust.

Sexual life is not harmonious will be harmful to the body?

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