The penis is shorter, do you still dare to eat more?

The penis is shorter, do you still dare to eat more? If a man has a shorter penis size than most people or much lower than the same region average level, he usually worries about it. However, according to statistics from American medical experts, men with short penis most are not weak in sex performance.

Penis: long VS short

If the penis is long, then it must be strong enough to keep it strong, so that it can be strong. Unfortunately, statistics show that the longer penis is not thick, so there is not enough stiffness. Even if the penis is long and hard, it is easy to break or bend in the crazy sexual intercourse, increasing male sexual security risks, and also affecting the pleasant sensation.

If the penis is shorter, generally will be relatively thick, thereby increasing the safety of sexual life. And, because men feel sexual pleasure nerve mainly located in the head of the penis coronary sulcus about 2 – 3 cm range, and sensory nerve endings of female vagina is mainly distributed in the outer part of 1/3 vagina, and the 2/3 vagina inside almost not feel sexual pleasure.

So the penis size is not the unique impact factor to be satisfied sexual intercourse. Some people worry that a shorter penis can interfere with sexual ability, and that a random use of sex hormones or some claimed enhancement medicine will not only help increase penis size, but may also cause many serious side effects.

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Some exercise methods to overcome premature ejaculation

Some exercise methods to overcome premature ejaculation The cause of the premature ejaculation is that the penis, especially the glans part, is not accustomed to strong stimulation and too sensitive. The treatment method is as long as the glans is used to stimulate, and the feeling becomes not that sensitive. The easiest way is to use a towel to massage the glans when bathing. Massage is too weak and has no effect, so it should be given a moderate intensity when massaging. After 3 months of this, the skin of the glans penis will be exercised, and the penis will become strong and persistent.

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Exercise control of ejaculation. Masturbation first, when almost reach the ejaculation, stop the stimulation, and then hard to hold back, until the climax fade, and stimulation again, which can be practice by your own at home. Repeat the action about 3 times this way. This method is called "squeeze technic press training". At the very beginning, you may lose a lot, but when you catch the key point, you can always suppress the urge to ejaculate.

In addition, the people who are suffering phimosis problem, whose penis glans cannot get any friction from the underwear or other stimulation, the premature ejaculation is inevitable. Therefore the first step is to deal with the problem of phimosis. If it is false phimosis, then usually should pay attention to let the glans exposed.

Also, there is another very common way that is distracting your attention when be about to ejaculate, and the using memorized mathematical formulas, historical reign method is very effective examples.

Putting condoms is also a very effective way to enhance penis ability. Furthermore, you can even wear two condoms to reduce the friction of the penis. The first condom must be thoroughly put to the end, and the second is to wear to the middle. So, it can maintain for a longer time.

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Biologists say genital organs is also more used much better

The French biologist Lamarck proposed the famous point of view that the more used the much better, that means some frequently used organs developed increases, often do not use organs gradually degraded. For example, often stretch neck to eat the leaves on trees, giraffe’s neck is becoming longer and longer; the people who often go to the gym exercise muscles, the body becomes stronger and stronger. So, does the sexual organs and sexual ability will also follow such regulation that more used more powerful?

More use does not means excessive usage or limited usage

Biologists say genital organs is also more used much better Experts introduce that some male sexual desire will be stronger and more energetic, they can more sex as well. This is the same thing as eating and drinking, which is a natural to take things as they are. It’s not necessary to do more or control sex. Do not misunderstand the real meaning of this statement that the more sex, the more powerful. Some people after do sex several times a day still feel very excited, but it is individual phenomenon, when change to another person may have a negative impact.

At the same time it should pointed out that some traditional Chinese medicine believed that absent sex can keep body energy is also without necessary evidence, because the semen is only composed of a number of cells and protein, sexual intercourse ejaculation consumption did not affect human. The correct way is to arrange the frequency of sex according to the needs of the body and the age together.

Too frequent Sexual intercourse bringing prostate repeatedly hyperaemia, can bring lumbar acerbity backache, cause prostatitis, appear frequent micturition. There is one case shown that one Russian patient in a night after 5 times sex, even cannot pull out urine, finally have to visit a doctor. The expert pointed out that excessive sexual intercourse can also lead to impotence, affecting semen quality, resulting in prolonged liquefaction time, become sticky, and thus affecting fertility.

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The main reasons cause men premature ejaculation on the first sexual intercourse

The main reasons cause men premature ejaculation on the first sexual intercourse Many men have such experience, in the wedding night, due to lack of the understanding between couples, the first ejaculation will be faster, and after cohabitation for some time, ejaculation will be better. There is another case that some separated couples, who haven’t had sex for a long time, suddenly meet, ejaculate will be faster than normal, and live together for some time then will retune better.

This kind of phenomenon can be called as premature ejaculation? Generally speaking, newly married people or after separating for long time, appear fast ejaculation can’t call premature ejaculation, which belong to normal phenomenon. There are 3 reasons for this:

1, Excessive sexual excitement

Because of the new marriage, whether the brain activity sex related layer, or your sexual organs, often in a highly excited state, this will inevitably lead to the central ejaculation controller in sexual excitement, reduced the sexual stimulation, which reduces the ejaculation stimulation threshold. At the same time, for a newly married man, the first time in the form of sexual contact, this kind of sexual excitement is suddenly huge, so it is highly possible with rapid ejaculation.

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