Man fat does affect genital development

Man fat does affect genital development In the former time, many people mistakenly believe that the fat man whose penis must be very big, especially women, who hoping to find a man with a big penis then can give her more climax in the bed. Finally, all the women found they are totally wrong, the penis has no directly relationship with the man thick fat, and even much smaller. Why does this things happen?

In fact, the penis of the obese men is easier to become smaller, because it is too fat, their penis has shrunk.

According to the investigation data of the experts showed that there is no any advantage of penis from the obese men than to the thin man, but the fat man has higher rate suffering with short penis problem.

About 2 of every 3 men think their penis is too short, and they would lie to have a good way to enlarge their penis size, including girth and length. From medically and practically viewpoint, for most women, sexual satisfaction does not depend entirely on the size of the penis. Instead, the hardness of the penis and the technique of sex are the key. You can imagine that if the penis is very long, but it is insufficient degree of erects, which still cannot get great sexual satisfaction. If your penis is not that huge, the hardness and lasting time is perfect that can also lead powerful sexual performance to bring many orgasm to your women.

According to the expert investigation, the real situation is that more than 95% men were between the average penis size level. If you really want to enlarge your weapon to show your powerful manhood, Penis Extender and Penis pump can do your great favor.

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Bathmate Hydropump Review

Bathmate Hydropump Review

Products: Bathmate HydroPumps

Manufacturer: UM Products Ltd.



Do You Believe Penis can be Pumped for Bigger Size?

Hello guys, this is Jhon here. There is no getting away from the fact that every men want to have a bigger size penis. According to some public survey, almost men have worried about their penis size. They are not worry it is too bigger, but it is smaller than others. Actually, at the most cases, it is not so small, and even above the average level. If there is a comfortable and safe guaranteed program to enlarge your penis size, there is no doubt that above 98% men will attracted totally, even including the porn stars.

As you already come to the second paragraph after about 100 words, I believe you belong to the 98% group, and you already have started some actions on the way to your target. In this article, I would like to introduce a penis pumps called Bathmate Hydromax and Hydromax Xtreme, which is designed and produced in UK to pump the penis based on water to enlarge the penis size.

As you may already know, there is another extender system that can also enlarge your penis size, and for more details, you can click here for my review on the leading product called “ProExtender System”. Compared with my experience, the extender system can really works after certain times usage, but it is somehow uncomfortable and even can cause some skin red by rubbing. Bathmate Hydropump Review

In the male enhancement market, there is another pump based air which is much cheaper. It is my nightmare when I recall this memory that my penis is very uncomfortable, sore, swollen and bruised when apply the air based pump. Maybe the one I bought is low quality product, but I have decided to never touch it anymore.

Bathemate penis pumps can provide a safe and more comfortable way enlarge penis size, by 15 minutes pumping exercise during your daily shower or bath time. With many guys feedback, it really works with more than 200% efficiency than the air based penis pumps.

Furthermore, there is another option to enlarge penis with the help of penis pills, and you can check my review on the most popular one called VigRX Plus. You may prefer the penis pumps most, so you can go deeper with below contents.

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