Good sleep helps to preserve male genitalia

Good sleep helps to preserve male genitalia Insomnia can cause mental weakness, memory loss and lack of concentration. What’s more, it also deprives men of the opportunity to maintain the penis and improve their sexual abilities.

In medicine viewpoint, there is a “Nocturnal penile erection", which refers to the spontaneous erection of the penis when a person is asleep, and this is the case for normal men. The frequency of erection varies greatly with age, constitution, and sexual function. Generally speaking, young men have seven or eight erections per night and are significantly higher in theory than during the day. As age increases, the number of erections decreases. Healthy normal elderly men have about two or three erections per night.

Studies have found that when the penis erects, the oxygen tension in the corpus cavernosum is 3 – 4 times than the drooping situation. This high oxygen tension contributes to the metabolism of the endothelial cells in the corpus cavernosum and promotes the normal recovery of sexual function. Therefore, male doctors like to call it charging the penis.

Well – rested men can ensure that their sexual function is in good condition if they have several "recharge" opportunities per night. When a person has less sleep or bad sleep quality, the nocturnal erection is less or less likely to occur. It is easy to imagine that these men will be erectile function decline.

In fact, in real life, not only insomnia patients, and many often stay up late men, the quality of their sexual life is often not satisfactory. The root cause is the same. Finally, Pop Healthy Living network hopes to will range your work and rest schedule, to ensure adequate and high quality sleep. This is a cheap, efficient penis and sexual function health maintains.