Why do some men produce double penises?

Why do some men produce double penises? There are very few men with two penises. And how does this double penis situation occur?

In the embryonic period of sixth weeks, the primordial gonads are the same, then both sides of the gonads in the midline merged into the genital tubercle, and this genital tubercle in the future can be developed into the penis, also can develop into the clitoris. If the fetal is a body, the Y chromosome makes evolved gonad into the testis, and the testicular secretion of male hormone makes the genital tubercle gradually evolved into the penis. This is very important stage for the penis development. If the mother at this time due to the impact of illness, medication or the external environment impact, the fetal gonads failed to merge into a genital tubercle, so the fetus can in two genital tubercle on the basis of development into two penis.

Although the double penis is not unusual, but the shape is varied, and often have other malformations on the body.

Generally the double penis can be divided into two types:

One is the branch penis, that is, the penis is longitudinally divided into two, and the separation can only occur at the head of the penis, and the penis body is an entire one, and looks like a "Y" type; and it can also be separated at the root, and shown as an inverted "Y" type.

The other is the complete separation of the two intact penises, but the two penises can be completely separated, or they can be attached to each other, some of them are parallel, some of which are repeated before and after. The two penis can have urethral to bladder each, so two can urinate at the same time, also can be micturition at different time respectively. Some have a normal urethra, and the other is a penile without urethra.

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