When the man body fat, less sex pleasure will be

When the man body fat, less sex pleasure will be Chronic diseases are prevalent in modern society, such as the hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity and so on, have become the recessive killers of male sexual function. The expert reminds that male especially to prevent obesity, as the obesity is not only the main risk factors of coronary heart disease and diabetes, and it is a major barrier to male sex life. Every 5 kg weight increase, the genitals will shorten 1 cm by visual.

In a recent meeting of the Tenth Asian sexology conference in Oceania, an India sexology expert made a report on the relationship between sexual function and obesity. He pointed out that every 5 kilograms of men’s weight increase, their genitals will be shorten 1 cm from visual point. The reason for the shortening is that the outer genitalia are buried in thick fat. Among them, there is a case, a man with 1.7 m height, 100 kilograms weight, and he basically no sexual life due to his series obese problem, because the penis has shrunk inside the belly, only a small part of glans outside.

There are very thick fat in the abdomen and perineum of obese people, and the scrotum is embedded, which makes the penis look much smaller, so the psychological shadow affecting their sexual life is often more likely than the penis itself. Department of Urology of Southern Medical University, director Liu said: "there is a young fat man, his penis was almost totally buried under the belly fat, which cannot almost found when it is soft. The penis can exposed some by hand press down the belly fat. As a result, he is very self-abased, dare not find a girlfriend."

Mr. Chen, after 3 years of marriage, weight is suddenly over 95 kilograms. His penis became shorter and shorter, then he became more and more self-abased. What makes him more frustrated is that even his wife finds it difficult to have sex with him. The problem initially occurred in the position of sexual intercourse, because the fat in his thighs and abdomen was so great that it was difficult for the penis to enter the vagina during intercourse. Later, the couple’s sexual life became less and less.

Clearly, a series of problems caused by obesity can cause many obese people to fear having sex because they fear the other person’s refusal or fear that the partner thinks he is clumsy. Because the obese person has the question in the self-confidence, causes the sexual life not to be harmonious, and then causes the husbands and wives relationship to be affected.

Experts point out that obese people actually do not have to feel inferior and can reduce weight through more exercise and other channels, so that the penis will return to normal.

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The four major symptoms indicators of ED

The four major symptoms indicators of ED ED is shorter for erection dysfunction, which refers to a man to continue or repeatedly no penis erection or maintain erection to complete sexual intercourse, and is manifested as a tendency to maintain only a short erection or complete no erection. Experts point out that ED is a common sexual health problem for men over the age of 40. It is estimated that more than half of men over the age of 40 suffer from varying degrees of ED, and 152 million of men worldwide suffer from ED.

Usually, if the body has the following four symptoms, you should pay attention to whether or not you have ED or potential risk:

Sexual desire disorder: includes non-sexual desire, low sexual desire, sexual aversion, etc.;

The penis erects dysfunction: include impotent, the penis erects not hard enough, the penis erects abnormally;

Sexual dysfunction: including sexual intercourse fainting, sexual intercourse aphasia, sexual intercourse hysteria, sexual intercourse phobia, etc.;

Ejaculatory disorder: including premature ejaculation, no ejaculate, spermatorrhea, delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation pain, blood ejaculation etc..

These four symptoms may appear individually, and there may be several symptoms at the same time, most of which are erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.

ED problem is the worse news for a man even you are rich enough. David Lisman, an American sociologist, said: "in a world that is increasingly gloomy in market reporting, tax planning and behavior analysis, the rebels have discovered that sex is the only thing that has life."."

For a modern man, he will feel very depressed because of the unprecedented strengthening of all kinds of social control. Based on such a premise, sex almost became the only thing that can make a modern man completely release their primitive vitality, so if he cannot enjoy sex because ED, he will lose a lot of meaningful things.

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Man fat does affect genital development

Man fat does affect genital development In the former time, many people mistakenly believe that the fat man whose penis must be very big, especially women, who hoping to find a man with a big penis then can give her more climax in the bed. Finally, all the women found they are totally wrong, the penis has no directly relationship with the man thick fat, and even much smaller. Why does this things happen?

In fact, the penis of the obese men is easier to become smaller, because it is too fat, their penis has shrunk.

According to the investigation data of the experts showed that there is no any advantage of penis from the obese men than to the thin man, but the fat man has higher rate suffering with short penis problem.

About 2 of every 3 men think their penis is too short, and they would lie to have a good way to enlarge their penis size, including girth and length. From medically and practically viewpoint, for most women, sexual satisfaction does not depend entirely on the size of the penis. Instead, the hardness of the penis and the technique of sex are the key. You can imagine that if the penis is very long, but it is insufficient degree of erects, which still cannot get great sexual satisfaction. If your penis is not that huge, the hardness and lasting time is perfect that can also lead powerful sexual performance to bring many orgasm to your women.

According to the expert investigation, the real situation is that more than 95% men were between the average penis size level. If you really want to enlarge your weapon to show your powerful manhood, Penis Extender and Penis pump can do your great favor.

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Four major causes of short male penises

15 Some men although their physical development is normal, but the penis is relatively shorter, although there is no impact on sexual life and fertility, but it will bring psychological abnormalities for the penis shorter men. Although our country does not have specific statistics to the penis development, but from daily life circumstance, this kind of patient number cannot be ignored. The experts in the field of sexual medicine show that men’s penis short is mainly caused by below four main reasons.

1. The short penis is related to the genetic factor

The penis, like other organs of the body, size and morphology is controlled and influenced by genetic.

2, short penis is related to nutritional supply during development stage

In general viewpoint, adult male with strong physical body, tall, and its external genitalia include the penis, scrotal development is also good, so the penis may be relatively thick, and otherwise it may be smaller. Furthermore, it is noticed that the penis size is not in proportion to height, often can see some not tall man whose height is less than 1. 60 meters, sometimes the male penis erection can reach more than 18 cm.

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The male obesity will cause to big problem

1, obesity affects male fertility

The male obesity will cause to big problem If it is only short penis from the visual viewpoint due to obesity, which is not the most critical problem. The main point is that the obesity will cause man fertility problem if your weight is over standard limitation.

"Many fat people will have "burning crotch feeling “phenomenon, which is caused by the thigh inside the close skin, and the repeated friction result in eczema for a long time. And there is a hidden risk that the testis is always in a relatively high temperature environment, resulting in the ability spermatogenesis reduce."

Originally, the required temperature for formation of testicular sperm usually is 3 ~5 degC lower than human body normal temperature. If the temperature is higher, just like the body 36 ~37 DEG C, then, will sperm generation have been seriously affected, so the testis must stand outside your abdomen part, and the scrotum is heat regulator organ.

The men can self-observation, when summer comes, the scrotum tend to relax, so also testicular ptosis, then can be far away from the hot body, so when the blood flows, to go through a relatively long distance, contributes to heat dissipation. This also shows that the testis farther away from the body, more conducive to heat dissipation, which can self-regulate and maintain the temperature of the testes is at a low level. But the obesity people have no more space for such temperature adjustment.

For men with obesity, there is a condition known as obesity with reproductive incompetence, that is, obese people in reproductive and sexual function will be greatly affected. This is because the male is obese, the inside of the scrotum is also filled with more and more fat. It can be imagined that when the scrotum is full of fat, the temperature of the testis will be directly affected, as well as the ability to reduce spermatogenesis.