The different sexual ability among different countries

The different sexual ability among different countries Many people are curious to know which county men have the best sexual ability, but there is no much information about them. No one has made a scientific and credible analysis or comparison. Here I can only make some assumptions, and just for some reference. I don’t want to cause an international dispute.

The pioneer of sex investigation study, Dr. Kinsey’s who is the famous Americans sex expert took ten years for the research field (also known as the Kinsey report) showed that more than 75% of American men, in sexual life, the lasting time is about 2-6 minutes before ejaculation. According to this average data, you can find the U.S.A guys are also not that good.

In fact, there is no big different penis size different in different countries. The obvious difference is that the sex environment is different, and the United States is a sex open country. Living in the United States is difficult for you not to touch all aspects of sex, sexual excitement, or even sexual attraction. Sex is an open topic and no one will think that normal sex is evil. Sexual openness does not necessarily improve one’s sexual abilities. But at least, human sexual systems are not limited to error suppression. In addition, the United States has urban and rural marriage and sexual counseling, treatment clinics, so Americans can easily get professional knowledge. There is no denying that the American marriage quality is higher than others, but this situation can be changed completely.

As for some pornographic movies, Superman’s performance is obviously not reasonable. The people who with some medical knowledge, if inject a stuff called to the penis injection with a call narceine can lead 1-2 hours erection. It situation is out of the refractory period and can remains erect even after ejaculation until the property disappears. Please don’t make the drug injection plan, which is harmful to normal people.