Biologists say genital organs is also more used much better

The French biologist Lamarck proposed the famous point of view that the more used the much better, that means some frequently used organs developed increases, often do not use organs gradually degraded. For example, often stretch neck to eat the leaves on trees, giraffe’s neck is becoming longer and longer; the people who often go to the gym exercise muscles, the body becomes stronger and stronger. So, does the sexual organs and sexual ability will also follow such regulation that more used more powerful?

More use does not means excessive usage or limited usage

Biologists say genital organs is also more used much better Experts introduce that some male sexual desire will be stronger and more energetic, they can more sex as well. This is the same thing as eating and drinking, which is a natural to take things as they are. It’s not necessary to do more or control sex. Do not misunderstand the real meaning of this statement that the more sex, the more powerful. Some people after do sex several times a day still feel very excited, but it is individual phenomenon, when change to another person may have a negative impact.

At the same time it should pointed out that some traditional Chinese medicine believed that absent sex can keep body energy is also without necessary evidence, because the semen is only composed of a number of cells and protein, sexual intercourse ejaculation consumption did not affect human. The correct way is to arrange the frequency of sex according to the needs of the body and the age together.

Too frequent Sexual intercourse bringing prostate repeatedly hyperaemia, can bring lumbar acerbity backache, cause prostatitis, appear frequent micturition. There is one case shown that one Russian patient in a night after 5 times sex, even cannot pull out urine, finally have to visit a doctor. The expert pointed out that excessive sexual intercourse can also lead to impotence, affecting semen quality, resulting in prolonged liquefaction time, become sticky, and thus affecting fertility.

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