Several times of sexual intercourse failure after early marriage is not impotent

005 (3)Although the impotence is a common male disease, but many male friends do not really know what real impotence is, even there are existence of some misunderstanding. So what is the common misunderstandings of male impotence? Let go further for this topic.

1. The early marriage several times sexual intercourse failure as impotence

This situation is quite common, especially the wedding night, due to highly excited, tired, or even drunk; or because of newly married couple with the lack of cooperation to cause poor erectile function, so leave their incompetence in the mind of the shadow. This situation is very likely to cause impotence after later.

2. Think that can’t bring female orgasm and pleasure as impotence

This is a big mistake, as long as his penis can erect, smooth get ejaculation and reach orgasm through sexual intercourse, which is not impotence. One of the important sex features of men and women is that the male is fast and female is slow. Sometimes, the man has already be ejaculation, but the woman has not get climax yet, which is a physiological phenomenon. It can be defined as unharmonious sex life at most, should never be considered as impotence.

3. Masturbation will definitely cause impotence

Frankly speaking, masturbation is a common behavior of teenagers. There are some people worry about masturbation can cause impotence, and afterwards also really have had impotence. But modern medicine has been elucidated, the occurrence of impotence, essentially not because masturbation damage sexual organs, but long-term masturbation brings about mischief spirit and psychological factors, as long as the lifting of the above various spirit “knots”, it may not happen impotent.

4. Frequent spermatorrhea will cause impotence

In fact, such worries are unnecessary, healthy unmarried men 1-2 times monthly spermatorrhea is normal, and more than 4-5 times is a little more than the normal situation, which may be related to genitourinary organ inflammation or some life factors induced, such as wearing tight pants, sleep at night, daytime local hot overworked. But modern medicine has been clear, there is no necessary link between impotence and spermatorrhea.

5. The usual bad erectile response was not obvious for impotence

There are a lot of young people claimed that like when excited previously, the penis will naturally erect, but now this kind of reaction is not obvious, so they thought to have impotence. Because there is no complete sexual stimulation from your partner, including vision, hearing, touch, smell and other aspects of sexual stimulation, but also because there is no real sexual practices, with penile erection or not, is not for the diagnosis of impotence. This happened spirit erectile is complex, with a person’s physique, thoughts and emotions change, when the time difference, this is not index to judge impotent.

6. Premature ejaculation later development will inevitably become impotent

People who hold this view can give some specific examples, these patients showed premature ejaculation, just shortly ejaculation after no contact or contact the woman, and then even erectile function cannot performed. This situation is often psychological factors at play. If get effective treatment during the occurrence of premature ejaculation stage, it will not happen impotent. Today, modern medicine also did not find the existence of some certain relationship between premature ejaculation and impotence.

7. Erectile dysfunction after partner change is called impotence

Strictly speaking, this view is not correct. Some people is normal erectile function with his wife, but was unable to get up in the affair in sexual intercourse. This kind of “selective” impotent person is not a true impotent patient. From one side, he happened impotent, from another side, his sexual function is good.