The early symptoms you should know of genital lesion for men

The early symptoms you should know of genital lesion for men The men should pay more attention on the erectile dysfunctions problem. Sometimes is a sudden mental stimulation, which belongs to mental impotence, or imperceptibly increased step implies the existence of organic matter. These two different situation indicate the different types of impotence. Erectile dysfunction at I and II degrees is mainly due to mental impotence, and it may also be an early stage of organic impotence. Organic impotence is common in patients with degree III.

The normal situation should be like this normal sexual desire, erectile response quickly, erection duration can till ejaculation of sexual intercourse or may disappear after interruption, and erection hardness can be freely inserted into the vagina, good sexual pleasure, no obvious change of sexual intercourse frequency, masturbation normal erectile response.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction based on below 3 features. Any difficulty in these areas can be regarded as erectile dysfunction.

  1. penis erection speed, rapid or slow;
  2. the duration of the erections;
  3. the hardness of the erections;

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