Seven misunderstandings about men’s erection dysfunction

Seven misunderstandings about men's erection dysfunction Impotence is a kind of erectile dysfunction. Usually, under the condition of sexual stimulation and sexual desire, the penis cannot be erect or erect hardness is not enough, very short erection duration, so that it cannot go for normal sexual life. When people judge impotence, they easily fall into seven misunderstandings.

In fact, the definition of impotence needs to be explained as follows:

  • First, this kind of sexual stimulation must be from the full stimulation of the partner;
  • Second, should determine on really be able to complete sexual intercourse;
  • Third, must be married at least 2 ~ 3 months of running, with the practical experience of sexual life, and then evaluate;
  • Four, any extramarital sexual behavior will be brought about by the deviation of judgment.

If deviate from these principles, it is easy to appear errors of self-judgment of the impotence.

People in the self-judgment impotence, it is easy to trap the following misunderstandings:

1, the first few times failure of sexual intercourse after new marriage as impotence.

This situation is quite common, in fact, it is contrary to the principle that there need 2~3 months try running period for the new marriage. The beginning of the wedding, especially the wedding night, too excited, tired, and even drunk; or because of the lack of cooperation between husband and wife at the wedding stage, resulting in a temporary erectile dysfunction. Originally, this is not surprising. There are also individual couples suffering with poor sex, because of the premarital sex under the trial, tension, fear and other complex mood conditions, which can lead high failure rate, thus leaving their incompetence shadow in the mind. In this case, there should be an adjustment stage in sexual intercourse after marriage.

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The four major symptoms indicators of ED

The four major symptoms indicators of ED ED is shorter for erection dysfunction, which refers to a man to continue or repeatedly no penis erection or maintain erection to complete sexual intercourse, and is manifested as a tendency to maintain only a short erection or complete no erection. Experts point out that ED is a common sexual health problem for men over the age of 40. It is estimated that more than half of men over the age of 40 suffer from varying degrees of ED, and 152 million of men worldwide suffer from ED.

Usually, if the body has the following four symptoms, you should pay attention to whether or not you have ED or potential risk:

Sexual desire disorder: includes non-sexual desire, low sexual desire, sexual aversion, etc.;

The penis erects dysfunction: include impotent, the penis erects not hard enough, the penis erects abnormally;

Sexual dysfunction: including sexual intercourse fainting, sexual intercourse aphasia, sexual intercourse hysteria, sexual intercourse phobia, etc.;

Ejaculatory disorder: including premature ejaculation, no ejaculate, spermatorrhea, delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation pain, blood ejaculation etc..

These four symptoms may appear individually, and there may be several symptoms at the same time, most of which are erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.

ED problem is the worse news for a man even you are rich enough. David Lisman, an American sociologist, said: "in a world that is increasingly gloomy in market reporting, tax planning and behavior analysis, the rebels have discovered that sex is the only thing that has life."."

For a modern man, he will feel very depressed because of the unprecedented strengthening of all kinds of social control. Based on such a premise, sex almost became the only thing that can make a modern man completely release their primitive vitality, so if he cannot enjoy sex because ED, he will lose a lot of meaningful things.

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Diabetes and hypertension can also trigger male ED

Diabetes and hypertension can also trigger male ED Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been a taboo topic for men, due to no man would like to admit he is suffering ED problem. Modern society is equal to fast-paced life, unbalanced diet structure, so that more and more modern people suffering with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. ED is closely related to hypertension, diabetes and so on. A clinical survey shows that about 52% diabetic and 68% hypertension patients with had ED, and even many male Department of urology experts said bluntly: patients with hypertension and diabetes are the high-risk of ED problem, and furthermore many patients with poor disease control, ED problem will come out sooner or later

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University China, Department of Urology director Professor Mr. Xing told "life times" reporter that, the mainly impact of ED caused by hypertension is that the hypertension disease can highly possibility lead to arteriosclerosis, which reduce the body blood flow, thus affecting the blood supply of the penis, and finally cause or aggravate ED. In addition, due to the sex require a certain physical energy, hypertension patients with some serious illness or poor control, there will be discomfort during sex, which also increased the deterioration of hypertension patients worry about sexual life, sexual intercourse and occasionally fail to produce the psychological barrier, the occurrence of ED in the inevitable. Diabetic patients erection dysfunction problem is mostly gradually appear. Diabetes mellitus is one of the most closely related diseases associated with ED.

At the same time, some drugs for hypertension and diabetes may also lead to ED, and there has been a marked increase in recent years. Such as the effect on the central antihypertensive drug methyldopa, its inhibitory effect on sexual function is proportional to dosage. If the daily dose is greater than or equal to 2 grams, there will be 50% of male patients showed significant sexual dysfunction.

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