Smoking weakens the male elasticity of the prion

Smoking weakens the male elasticity of the prion The effect of smoking on male sexual organs is the same in principle of its effects on the heart. The smoking will damage the blood vessels of the penis, inhibit blood flow, and thus influence the male elastic protein which control organ erection. Erectile function has always been considered as the ultimate indicator of male attractiveness in bed.

Researchers from the University after detailed investigation of two hundred penises, and it is concluded that smoking can lead to male shorter erectile penis. Dr. Salinboer said this impact is the same principle of heart, and this is the most important discovery among the similar report.

Dr. Salinboer explained that an elastic protein is like an elongated band of tendons, which is the cause of the erection of the penis. The erection of the penis will appear when blood flows into the penis. Smoking weakens this ability and, in the end, makes sex impossible to erect again. The current study is

Dr. Salinboer said, the report also need further study, but apparently smoking directly impact erection is more credible than decreased heart function then reduce erection function, because the vessel inside penis is only 1mm diameter, but the heart vessel diameter was one point five mm.

In fact, male smokers should know that if smoking can directly impact male penis erection size, and how about your heart will be? There is evidence that impotence is an early warning of heart disease. Most of the male sex organ erection, about five to seven inches (13 to 18 cm) long. Men are equally uncomfortable with men’s diminished charm, diminished sexual ability, and inability to please their partners. So give up smoking to keep you from health risk, and also keep the people who is around you away from health risk.