What is the relation between penis injury and impotence?

What is the relation between penis injury and impotence? Penile injuries can present very prominent clinical symptoms. Although male penis is located in very private place, where can naturally provide necessary protection, it is also possible get some external hurt.

The following listed the different penis injuries modes:

  1. Crushing injury: the penis is squeezed by heavy objects for a long time, resulting in the penis edema and even necrosis. Often occurs when trenches, tunnels, houses collapse.
  2. Impact injury: because of the careless during work and other reasons, the penis get heavy impacted and caused congestion and swelling.
  3. Stab wound: the wound is usually small but deep. It is highly possible get deep infection, when the drainage is not properly applied.
  4. Cutting injury: the edge of wound is more tidy, but more bleeding.
  5. Gunshot wound: when shrapnel enters, it is often brought into the soil, cloth, cotton and other items, and the wound is often contaminated.
  6. The bite: the penis get person or animal bites, and the wound is often get infection.

The prominent features of the penis injuries include local pain, swelling, blood stasis, bleeding, laceration, transection, penetrating, dislocation, stripping, necrosis, and partial defects. The treatment of penis injury includes pain relief, debridement under local anesthesia, suture and reduction.

Clinically, not all trauma affects men’s sexual function. The occurrence of impotence is related to the degree of injury of penis and the damage of penis, blood vessel, nerve and cavernous body. Traumatic corpus cavernosum injury prone to penile curvature after erection. When the situation is worse, it will also cause sexual intercourse difficult.

It has been reported that some patients suffer from impotence after the injury of the corpus cavernosum, mainly due to penile curvature and erection pain. Different types of penile trauma are related to sexual dysfunction in men after injury recovery. In dealing with penile injuries, we must pay attention to the protection of blood vessels and nerves, so as to reduce the occurrence of impotence after injury.

Concealed penis should be pulled out as early as possible

Concealed penis should be pulled out as early as possible The penis of the child is smallish, which can be divided into true and false group. And the true penis smallish disease have also true, false and malformation three groups. The concealed penis is the most common case among the penis short group.

Concealed penis is one of the most common congenital abnormalities and malformations, which is different from long foreskin or phimosis in children. As you all know, when the baby boy is born, the foreskin of the penis is wrapped around the glans of the penis. By the age of 3-4, the foreskin of most children can be turned over and the glans of the penis is exposed. If this time, the foreskin cannot turn down or the foreskin port is very small, it is called redundant prepuce or phimosis. The body of the penis is concealed in the body and protrudes only with a pointed small foreskin outside. If the penis is squeezed inwards by hand, the penis will show up, but the penis is retracted as soon as the hand is released.

So some people call it buried penis. In spite of concealed penis and prepuce similar, but they are two completely different diseases, this is because the outer layer of skin concealed penis is not too long, but too short, the penis body is not small but normal. There are three causes shown as below. First, the penile skin develops poorly and is too short; secondly, the foreskin cavity is too small; third, the penile skin does not contain the corpus cavernosum, resulting in the absence of support and retraction of the corpus cavernosum.

If does not have an operation of the concealed penis, the penis cannot extend out normally, then the phallic body development can be restricted. Therefore, the concealed penis must be corrected treated at a certain age (3-5 years).

It is totally different treatment methods between the concealed penis and prepuce. For the prepuce patients, the circumcision should be applied to excised the long wrapping foreskin, and treatment methods of concealed penis foreskin must be expanded and prolonged penile skin surgery, and also need to pull out the penis body from the belly and be good fixed, to make the penis to restore normal physiological anatomy, so as to achieve the purpose of penis development.

However, if the concealed penis prepuce misdiagnosed as prepuce to perform circumcision, the results will lead to a shortage of penile skin already become scarcer, and after the penis once lost the skin adhesion and protection, penis growth will be more restrained.

Therefore, with short penis in children, parents must take him to a pediatric surgery hospital visits, physician diagnosed pediatric surgery, to check, in order to select the correct method of operation, to avoid misdiagnosis.

Does the penis induration will affect sexual performance?

Does the penis induration will affect sexual performance? Mr. Wang has been particularly worried recently that his penis is apparently bent to the left after erection, which even lead to difficultly insert, and with a pain. Furthermore, he can feel this situation is becoming worse and worse. As a result, Mr. Wang sexual performance is much poorer than before, so it seems that the penis to be early retirement.

After a certain helpless time, Mr. Wang visit a doctor for seeking help. After careful examination, the doctor told him: "there is a large rope shaped hard knot in your left side corpus cavernosum, it should be the penis induration disease. However, further examinations are needed to identify and eliminate other diseases."

The penis induration disease means that there is hard knot inside the penis. Medical research has found that this is the penis fibrosis formation of induration between the corpus cavernosum and penis fascia, common in elderly men, located in the back side of the penis, the penis may be associated with injury, inflammation, diabetes, aging, lack of vitamin E and other factors. The penis dorsal patients with single or multiple sizes plaque or cord like nodules, hard texture such as cartilage, the pain and erection can occur when bending, but no obvious discomfort in the weak state. This is a benign lesion that won’t turn into a tumor.

The doctor’s explanation relieved Mr. Wang. But he still has produced a new anxiety: "as the disease aggravated, sooner or later one day this will bring the urethra blocked."

"This kind of induration does not interfere with the adjacent urethra, so it does not cause dysuria." The doctor’s words reassured him totally.

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How to determine male penile scalability?

How to determine male penile scalability? The first measurement is on the normal penis length, with one hand support your penis, with the other hand to measure the penis length from the root to the glans point with a ruler, which is normal state length. Then pull the penis to the utmost and measure the length of the penis again, which is the length after the pulling. The difference between the two reflects the scalability of the penis.

The better the scalability of the penis, the greater the difference between the two result, and the erectile ability is better. On the contrary, the penis scalability is worse, the difference between the two smaller, and the erectile ability is also worse. When the length of penis increases less than 2/3 of the original length is less than the original length after pulling, there may be organic problems, especially those with severe complications such as high fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum.

Of course, this measurement was just a very easy method. But the results has certain significance meaning for patients who want to do the penile prosthesis surgery, that is to say, if the difference between the two is too small, they must be treated with negative pressure suction treatment before surgery, which helps to restore the penis or elastic scalability, can ensure the operation in choosing the appropriate length of the prosthesis, so as to ensure the quality and effect of operation, otherwise, the scalability is very poor situation, may choose the shorter postoperative prosthesis, prosthesis may be caused by the short glans bending phenomenon, only re-operation can be corrected.

Why do every healthy men have morning erections?

Why do every healthy men have morning erections? According to an American scholar’s data analysis, when men were 20~30 years old, the number of erections in the early morning increased and decreased in middle age. A German doctor also studied this physiological phenomenon. He believes that when the men suffering disease, the early morning penile erection phenomenon will disappear; when the body after rehabilitation, penile erection phenomenon will be back again. Therefore, penile erection in the morning can be used as one of the reference indexes for observing the energy and health status of men.

Often encountered some male patients quietly to the clinic to ask that why the penis will often erect in the morning? Is there anything wrong issue? In order to explain this problem, we must first talk about the physiological function of penile erection.

The male penis consists of two parts of the corpus cavernosum and one urethra corpus cavernosum. Corpus cavernosum is a spongy reticular formation composed of smooth muscle. The space between the cavernous sinuses is cavernous sinus, which is directly connected with the vessels. The cavernous body is filled with blood vessels and nerve tissue, which is the most sensitive nerve is the whole sensory nerve.

When men get external stimulation, such as local contact stimulation from the eye, ears and other sensory stimulation or consciousness arising from psychological phenomena, can make the higher nervous center excited. Under the regulation of the cerebral cortex, the erectile nerve center of the lumbosacral region produces an erection impulse that acts on the cavernous vessels of the corpus cavernosum. Now let the arterial blood flow obvious expansion, so a lot of blood flows into the sponge body; at the same time, let the blood outflow vein vasoconstriction, the blood flow decreased, so blood vessels full retention in the lacuna rich in corpus cavernosum. Thus, the penis is erect.

Normal male penis, in addition to the stimulation of the outside, through the nerve reflex effect, erection phenomenon appear. And sometimes visceral organ reflex will also lead to penile erection. The most obvious is that in the morning before wake up, when the bladder filled with urine, the stimulus from the bladder pressure increased, reflex erection can make the penis a subconscious, and this is a normal physiological phenomenon, medicine called morning erection.