The male genitals washing should be into your routine task

The male genitals washing should be into your routine task We all know that the sweat glands, skin glands and subcutaneous fat around the penis is more abundant, and the adult males also have dense pubic hair, and many men love to wear tight underwear, thus make the penis is always in the dark and damp and airtight situation, which is easy to produce dirt.

When the man is in worse physical condition, the bacteria or virus around the penis will take the opportunity to reverse the urethra uplink infection, cause urethritis, epididymitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic diseases. If the occurrence of urinary tract obstruction, bacteria can further upstream infection of the kidney, cause pyelonephritis and other diseases. If the penis in a long period of bacterial contamination, penile glans after the formation of infection infection, can also highly possible lead to penile cancer. According to statistics, men’s penis wet clinics, dermatitis, ringworm and other diseases are also popular in current male related disease.

In addition, some married men have feculent sexual habits, which will also impact his partner sexual health, such as the female vagina will get a bad stimulation. During the sexual life, it will bring the bacteria or virus to your partner, causing the woman suffering from vaginitis, chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion, or even causing cervical cancer.

Therefore, keeping the male genitals clean is vital to the health for himself and health of his partner as well. So Pop Healthy Living network highly recommend all the men to have a short time shower before the sexual intercourse. If there is no such shower condition, a piece of disinfecting wipes can also work.

The male unclear genitals will hurt himself and partner as well

The male unclear genitals will hurt himself and partner as well Women have become accustomed to cleaning the vulva every day, and many men think the reproductive system is not as complex as women, so most of them will not take the routine wash. The expert reminds that male vulva feculent will hurt himself and partner as well.

Harm on himself

Male vulva is including penis, scrotum, wrapping and glans, and all these parts will have physiological secretion, and easy susceptible by external contamination, suffering from urethritis, glans phlogistic, scrotal eczema and anus phlogistic. Furthermore, the prepuce or phimosis foreskin can highly lead to penis disease. The preputial calculusIf which is not easily aware, usually accumulated in the glans below the ring shaped coronary sulcus, and it will easily prone to dermatitis, ulcers of foreskin and glans, adult severe phimosis cases may cause penile cancer. Therefore, daily cleaning is a good way to prevent disease.

Harm to your partner

A survey shows that only 15% men take a shower before sex with partner, so there are accounted for 85% of the men without this good and necessary habits. In addition, because of the special physiological structure of the female reproductive system, a variety of bacteria, viruses, or their eggs on the un-cleaned penis or anus, easily induced into the woman’s vagina, to induce gynecological diseases such as salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even infertility caused by this disease. The study confirmed that preputial calculus cause cervical cancer. Therefore, for the health of yourself and your wife as well, please keep cleaning your body every day.

The following wash steps are the best

The genital organs should be washed first and then to the anus. Especially need to move backwards your penis foreskin to wash carefully. And the dry procedure in the same order as above. Do separate a towel and do not mix with a foot towel.