The normal length of penis

The normal length of penis I recently read a lot of information, some doctors said: "man’s penis should not to only judge on the size." It seems that most young men suffer from "small penis phobia" in the world, who all day worried about their penis size is smaller than others.

According to the report of the United States, there are more than 10000 men applied underwent penile surgery in recently 7 years. An Italy doctor introduction, there are 67 men who required of penis surgery, actually the penis length are in the normal range.

Many men in the bath or toilet, love to check other man penis size, length, and then make some comparison. A man’s penis length will be different with each other, some are longer and some are shorter, but most of them are within the normal situation. That is similar with the people body size, high, short, fat, thin. This is only self-trouble. A man’s penis in erection can be confirmed as normal as long as it is more than 10 cm. Because the woman vagina depth is only 8~10 cm.

The ancient Greek scholar once said: "in real sex time, the vagina function is tightening the thing inside. It is so like nature device which can adjust to any size. When encountering short penis, it will be outstanding, and on the contrary, it will be shrinkage.

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Penis lengthening operation is already a mature technology in the early last century. This is just for the patients with too short penis, the extension of 2 – 3 cm result. This operation must cut the penile suspensory ligament, and then screw together again, which will reduce the stability of the root of the penis. As the doctor said Jane "without fixed direction of suspension ligament of penis, when the penis erects will sway."

How much knowledge do you know about male penis?

How much knowledge do you know about male penis? Many people believe that they know the male penis in deep, including man and woman. The man thought the penis is part of his body, and every day he will use it to urine or sexual intercourse. And the woman thought her partner will use the penis insert her body, and she can fell it. In fact, how much do you know about penis? Let’s learn through a short dialogue.

Patient: what is the normal length of the penis?

Doctor: how long is your penis under weak condition now?

Patient: 4 to 5 centimeters.

Doctor: what is the length after fully erection?

Patient: it’s about 10 centimeters.

Doctor: the length of your penis is normal. Don’t worry about it.

Patient: my wife always says I have short penis.

Doctor: medical statistics show that the normal male penis in a state of weakness in more than 5 cm is normal, more than 9.5 cm when the erection is normal.

Patient: can you make it grow a little bit?

Doctor: how old are you?

Patient: 25 years old.

Doctor: do you have any children now?

Patient: yes.

Doctor: the penis stops developing at puberty, which is around 18. Generally, it is unlikely to increase with drugs. It can be treated by negative pressure aspirator combined with male enhancement products. It can also be treated by operation. I don’t think it’s necessary for you to have this kind of operation because the operation may have an impact on future sexual life.

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Is the penis size proportional to man height?

Is the penis size proportional to man height? Dr. Master and Dr. Jonson found almost no any relationship between the penis size and the height according to the 312 men date summary. “Compared with the organs of other parts of the human body, the size of the penis and the physical development of the body do not have a permanent relationship" they commented. The men who had the smallest penis size were 5 feet 11 inches height and weighed 178 pounds, but the most amazing penis size was 5 feet 7 inches and weighs just 152 pounds.

The lengthened Lincoln does not necessarily make a good turn

It is believed that the bigger penis is, the more can make women pleasure, not only does the American thought, but also the people around the world.

What is the real situation?

Dr. Kinsey who is the director of the center of Science said, according to their male Research Center Survey found that men are most concerned about is whether erectile condition can last a long time, and the size of the penis, shape and appearance, is only ranked the second place.

In some ways, penis size is almost irrelevant to sex pleasure, but the size should be within the normal level. First, measuring form the pubic bone part, the average man’s penis is about 2.8 to 5.6 inches. Compared to the size of the erect penis, there is no such big deviation. After the erection, the expansion ratio is much larger of the small penis. Dr. Master and Jonson found a male case in penile atrophy when soft is only 3.3 inches, but the erection is almost two times than the original growth 3.5 inches. On the contrary, the original big size man after erection, the increased length is very little. Generally speaking, the length of an erection is about 5~7 inches.

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