Six kinds of people in life are susceptible to impotence

005 (1)Male impotence is the most reluctant to touch, if men suffering from the disease, for a man who is very seriously. The impotence is not only beat you in bed, but also loss confidence in the daily life. Especially in the current society which is worship of the stronger, and should pay more attention to impotent disease. So what people in life is easy to suffer from impotence?

1. People drink frequently, constantly socialize activity. The wine can make prostate congestion, so often drink men are most likely to suffer from prostatitis. And prostatitis will squeeze the urethra, which formed the wait urine, urinary endless and other symptoms, and prostatitis itself is also easy to cause impotence.

2. People much smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes can damage the sperm quality, and cause impotence, so the excessive drinking can harm the male function. Predisposing factors of depression may also cause impotence. So those who often smoke need to take care of your sexual function.

3. Irregular time schedule people. The working men who often stay up late are most likely to suffer from impotence. The especially evening from 23 to 1 a.m. is the key period from people resting. Male full rest at night, can supplement energy to bring strong sexual function.

4. Emotional person. The men who mood swings with complicated psychological activities, the general psychological pressure and mental burden will be relatively larger, so it is prone to psychological impotence.

5. People taking the drugs without doctor suggestion. For example, the most common drug Viagra, now the drug government management is not very strict, patients can easily buy Viagra. In fact, the Viagra is actually a prescription drug, need a doctor’s prescription, but some of the men excessive usage will produce dependence.

6. The man who always in the kitchen. The new research shows that men often cook also suffer from impotence or premature ejaculation. The kitchen should have 74 kinds of chemical substances that can cause cell mutation, resulting in infertility, become the new family health killer. The study found that the Drosophila fed with the condensed oil kitchen, the chromosome mutation rate was 0.54%, and 2.8% of the Drosophila infertility, which indicates that the reproductive system is destroyed obviously.

Experts pointed out that, in daily life, there are bad habits, bad psychological emotions, are men highly possibility with impotence. So, male friend should pay attention to avoid the adverse factors. Once the symptoms of impotence, should be early to normal hospital professional diagnosis and treatment.

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High blood pressure disease is not only a patent for the elderly

Who says that high blood pressure is the patent of the elderly, in fact, more and more young people are suffering from high blood pressure, what is the reason?

Causes of hypertension in young people

1, high pressure, mental tension

High pressure and mental stress are the main causes of hypertension. Pressure and mental tension can cause sympathetic excitement, blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure.

2, obesity, overweight

Obesity, overweight is also an important cause of hypertension. Previously, the degree of mechanization is advanced, the amount of people’s activity is larger, obesity, overweight is rare. Now mechanization highly developed, so there are no need much hard work, as well as the living conditions improved. Overweight and obese patients can be found everywhere. And obesity is likely to lead to metabolic disorders, fat accumulation, vascular sclerosis, which leads to increased blood pressure.

High blood pressure disease is not only a patent for the elderly

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In order to satisfy her not to inject

Mr. Lee said, the habit of "hold the injection" is formed a few years ago, at that time is to extend the sex time with his wife, to get more pleasure, so often pressed sensitive parts, so that the semen cannot be emitted. At first, he felt very exciting, and very effective. But over time, he found that he is not to able to ejaculation, which is occasionally ejaculation, but the semen is very little.

In order to satisfy her not to inject

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10 bad habits of drink water will effect your health

"Do you know how to drink water?" You will think this is weird question, as you drink water every day, but I am sure you do not do it in right way. What kind of water will be better for you? Water drinking habits and incorrect people occupy a great proportion in the modern time. Don’t think drinking water is a small thing, but drink in wrong way will bring big trouble.

10 bad habits of drink water will effect your health

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