Something you don’t know about chocolate

Don’t be afraid of chocolate, if you know the right way to eat the chocolate, it will not be you fat problem, but it will become your health helper.

Chocolate + tea = folic acid

According to the study of German experts, tea polyphenols and chocolate cocoa polyphenols have powerful antioxidant, and if the these two material match together, it will play a multiplier effect, and simultaneously it can prolong your body of vitamin E and vitamin C working time. After eat chocolate, drink a cup of Black Tea, the produced folic acid will be good to protect your vessel.

Something you don’t know about chocolate

Chocolate + milk = calcium

Milk is rich in calcium components, if combined with calcium gluconate in chocolate, it can form easily absorbed lactose calcium and calcium lactate, and furthermore the absorption rate of this calcium by human body o is far greater than your usual calcium pills. You don’t be too excited right now; the common supermarkets Chocolate Milk will have this effect.

Something you don’t know about chocolate

Chocolate + Red Wine = aspirin

The United States “ThrombosisResearch” published, salicylic acid will occur with greater efficacy under the action of flavanols. Cocoa is rich in content of flavanol and the salicylic acid in red wine is 2 times then white wine.

Dark chocolate + nuts = antioxidants

After the research discovery, the main reason for the current chronic disease is due to oxidative damage, and the dark chocolate plays an important role in this area, due to it is rich in cocoa butter content, which is powerful the oxidant substance. The dark chocolate with nuts is often called “chocolate house in the nobility” by experts. The research shows that eating 30 grams of dark chocolate pralines every day, it can make the heart disease to reduce the incidence rate of 30%.

Something you don’t know about chocolate

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