Some sex skills with a virgin

Virgin for the first time, with the rupture of the hymen and vaginal pain, so it is unforgettable both in physiological and psychological. So for men, this is the test of whether or not you are a good husband or a good boyfriend.

First you should share more placation in the psychological to give her enough comfort. To love her, to comfort her. And gently tell her it’s an essential step to be a real woman. If she says no, you must not force it. Do not rape her. This not only hurt her, but you cannot get happy.

Some sex skills with a virgin

So when she agreed, you are using what sex positions? In fact there is no law. But from Perspective of care for women viewpoint (because puncture hymen pain is inevitable), it is recommended the following: female faceup lie on the edge of the bed, holding his legs. The male is standing between the two legs of the bed. This method has the following advantages: sex penis can use the slightest power to get in.

This is right time to stop the first time, do not do violent pumping. Girls only have pain, and wait for next time. You can see Malthus about that. Garcia “love in the time of Cholera”, inside the hero in the wedding night, in order to eliminate the wife’s fear of sexual intercourse, deliberately let the wife to see his penis and a night without sleep together.

Some sex skills with a virgin

Very experienced lover usually make love can also be used in this way. This way has an advantage: men are more likely to move. This gesture can also make the appropriate changes, for example: Women’s legs take on the shoulders of men, or men with his arm caught female legs; some changes in penile vaginal stimulation site, so feel will be totally different.

Another particular emphasis is on the way men can clearly see their own penis in and out of the vagina, that feeling is really wonderful. In order to allow women to feel the joy, you can let her hand a mirror on the side of the body to watch, very helpful to women to reach a climax.

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